What is Your Organization Doing to Build Greater Workplace Inclusion?

What is Your Organization Doing to Build Greater Workplace Inclusion?

Companies across the country have been making strides to improve workplace inclusion in lots of unique ways. Many have developed creative plans to broaden access to opportunity and advancement. With so much going on, we wanted to learn more about what kinds of things Hoosier companies have been implementing in different workplaces throughout the state.

So we reached out to firms from various industries and asked them: What is Your Organization Doing to Build Greater Workplace Inclusion?


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Glenda Williams, Director of Diversity & Inclusion
AM General

To build stronger workplace inclusion, we must continue to expand opportunities for employees across the company to be heard and to remain engaged.

This process starts at the top. AM General’s President and CEO, Andy Hove, has joined thousands of other CEO on the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, which aims to rally business community to advance diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

We have a Diversity & Inclusion Council whose goal is to help identify strategies to achieve a diverse and inclusive environment. We’ve partnered with OurOffice, to provide an on-line platform that gives our employees a forum where they can engage with each other and share stories, experiences, and ideas.

Our organization is also empowering leaders at all levels of the company to downstream educational modules and ideas to provide a more inclusive work environment. AM General recently launched five micro-learning videos on various aspects of identifying and managing Unconscious Bias in the workplace. Training is also currently being offered to our leadership team via a series of workshops to develop a more inclusive workplace culture.

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Hannah Stowers, EEO, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division

Over the past several years, NSWC Crane leadership and employees have come together with a goal of greater workplace inclusion. Our organization ensures that staff in the Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion Office receive appropriate training in order to perform their duties effectively. The Diversity Leadership Council, which is made up of diverse employees from across the organization, was established in 2019 and focuses on retention as well as maintaining an inclusive work environment. There is also a Special Emphasis Program that advocates for minorities within the workforce of NSWC Crane as well as offering educational programming and events. The most important thing we do to build greater workplace inclusion is to create an environment in which everyone has a voice and has an opportunity to be heard. It takes time and patience to build trust, but the first step is to listen.

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Mario Rodriguez, Executive Director
Indianapolis Airport Authority

Indianapolis Airport Authority’s commitment to diversity and inclusion spans hiring and employee development practices, working with diverse suppliers, and community involvement.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are integral to successfully implement our strategic plan. With a diverse leadership staff made up of 50% women and 25% minorities, our work with diversity and inclusion has earned recognition from the FAA, state, and city. These awards are a testament to the firm commitment to a comprehensive practice promoting the value and benefit of diversity in operating the Indy airport. In 2019, there was an overall 35% diversity spend representing $52 million.

When people feel respected and valued, they actively engage and contribute. Our employees are taking a proactive approach in employee-led groups celebrating their diversity and unique talents inspiring each other during the difficult time of COVID.

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Robert L. Manuel, President
University of Indianapolis

The University of Indianapolis stands united in our commitment to celebrate diversity and to address issues of systemic racism in order to achieve positive outcomes for Black students, staff, and faculty. Through the Office of Inclusion & Equity, the university is implementing campus-wide initiatives such as a recent town hall discussion on the Black experience, and workshops on topics including women of color in academia, faith and justice, and white allyship.

The Inclusive Excellence Strategic Leadership Coalition, with representatives from every area of campus, is applying a strategic vision that encompasses Access & Equity, Diversity in Curriculum, Intercultural Learning & Development, and more. Initiatives include increasing the representation of Black professionals on campus, continuing to offer full-tuition scholarships to students with the greatest financial need, offering support for first-generation students through the Emerge program, and increasing retention rates for our Black students through programs such as the Umoja Living-Learning Community.

In order for us to effect change, we have to see more of each other and create constructive ways for us to engage with one another. Our Edge Scholars program creates a pipeline to nurture the inclusive leaders of tomorrow by engaging them in global discourse and challenging them to think about leading through an inclusive lens. The Global Village Living Community aims to increase cultural fluency and global perspectives through inclusive programming and intercultural relationships. In this way, we extend our University’s impact to transform the communities we serve.

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Lisa Gutierrez, Vice President, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Indiana University Health

At IU Health, our commitment to innovate must extend beyond medicine to encompass diversity, equity, and inclusion. The complexities of healthcare can be addressed only if everyone shares their amazing backgrounds and feels they can bring their authentic best self to work.

To further diversity and inclusion, we’re focusing on our people, patients, suppliers and communities. The goal: to advance a culture of acceptance, where all can come together to learn and work and improve health and equity in Indiana. A best practice is to integrate D&I into the natural rhythms and processes of the organization so our 35,000 team members can deliver on our vision to make Indiana one of the healthiest states.

Building sustainable D&I strategies is not linear, but more like a recipe customized to local and regional differences. Our recipe of inclusion is ongoing and challenging, but the payoff is clear: delivering excellent patient care while delivering on our commitment to employees who come to IU Health because of our purpose, excellence, compassion, and teamwork.

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Kim Drumgo, Chief Diversity Officer
Anthem, Inc.

At Anthem, we are focused on building a culture centered on diversity, inclusion and belonging. The diverse perspectives and experiences of our associates are essential in helping us better serve our consumers. Our efforts start from the inside out.

Frequent and authentic conversations about ourselves and our experiences have become the bedrock our culture and how we learn more about each other. We have expanded our efforts to increase diversity recruiting and talent development and continue to maximize the value our nine resource groups bring to ensure we are reflective of the communities we serve.

We also continue to address bias through process evaluation and training with an emphasis on embedding these learnings into all we do.  At Anthem, we expect more. We expect more of ourselves as a leader in our communities to be a facilitator of change and an example of sustained progress toward racial justice and equity.

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