Five Things You Didn’t Know Were Made in Indiana

Five Things You Didn’t Know Were Made in Indiana

Corn, soybeans, steel, and automobiles might be among the most well-known products that are made in Indiana, but there are many more categories where we excel. In fact, Indiana leads the world in making several unique products that you might not have known came from your home state. We’ve compiled a look at some of the highlights.


Water-Soluble Films

Water-soluble films are everywhere. Most people are familiar with them in things like laundry detergent pods, but they’re also used in lots of other ways like agro-chemical packaging, release films, embroidery, personal care products, food ingredients, water treatment chemicals, transfer printing, and more.

A company named MonoSol is the world’s leading producer of biodegradable, water-soluble films. They’re headquartered in Merrillville, IN and three of the company’s five production facilities are located in Northwest Indiana.

This industry is forecasted to grow. Research and Markets reports the water-soluble packaging market was valued at $2.75 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $4.30 billion by 2027.



In May of 2020, the Washington Post used data from the Census of Agriculture to identify various capitals of agricultural products. Pulaski County, IN was confirmed – amid hot and salty competition – to be the nation’s leading popcorn-producing county. Blog site My Indiana Home estimates the county’s popcorn output in 2017 was more than 100 million pounds.


Medical Devices

If you’ve had a knee or hip replacement or have one of a multitude of various medically implanted devices, there’s a very good chance that it came from the Warsaw, IN region. Dubbed the “Orthopedic Capital of the World,” this area represents a highly concentrated center of economic activity surrounding medical devices, including as much as a 50% global market share for joint replacements.

Some of the largest companies in this arena include Zimmer Biomet and DePuy Synthes, which both produce a lot of different orthopedic supplies, and Fort Wayne Metals, which makes medical-related wire and lots of other implant devices.



There are numerous pharmaceutical companies in Indiana, one of which holds a few different world-leading titles. Eli Lilly and Company is one of three primary producers of insulin, along with Novo Nordisk and Sanofi. Together, the three encompass about 90% of the global insulin market share.

Lilly is also the largest manufacturer of psychiatric medicines in the world, producing drugs like Prozac, Cymbalta, Zypreza, methadone, and others. Altogether, this positions Lilly as the 15th-largest drug manufacturer according to 2019’s revenue figures.


World-Renowned Limestone

Limestone most commonly forms around marine environments, or from geological chemical processes. So you might be surprised to learn that Indiana has some of the highest quality limestone in the world, popular with lots of different builders and artists, according to the Indiana Geological & Water Survey. We have a large belt of limestone that runs southward Monroe County to Lawrence County.

Our limestone is chemically pure, “averaging 97 percent plus calcium carbonate and 1.2 percent calcium-magnesium carbonate, thus qualifying the material as a chemical stone.” And builders love that it’s also a freestone, which means it can be cut, shaped, and split in limitless ways to match the requirements of the most demanding architectural designs.


Bonus: Ice Cream

Technically, we’re not at the top for this scoop – but we’re close. Indiana ranks second in ice cream production in the United States behind only California, which is admittedly a dairy giant. There are close to 1,000 dairy farms here in Indiana and numerous ice cream production facilities, on both large and small scales. Edy’s and Nestlé brands, for example, have a large presence in Fort Wayne.

Nerdy fact: It takes close to 12 pounds of milk to produce one pound of ice cream.


More Than You Thought

Every day, there’s a lot more business and production activity going on in Indiana than most people realize. Many incredible things are made in the Hoosier state – much more than what we’ve highlighted here. We’re a creative and innovative place where big ideas come to grow.