The CRM Blues – Little Mistakes Kill the Love, Become Costly Woes

The CRM Blues – Little Mistakes Kill the Love, Become Costly Woes

Relationships start out good, right? That first encounter, the spark of romance and excitement. It’s all roses in the beginning. But over time, little slights start to add up. The spark starts to dim. Erosion happens to those loving feelings. Mistakes and missteps accumulate until all that’s left is a complicated mess of animosity and heartache.

We’ve all been there, fellow business leaders. You know what we mean. We’re talking about falling out of love with your CRM program. And much like a messy breakup, a major fallout with your CRM is going to cost you money.

Let’s take a look at how to keep this from happening. Keep that spark of excitement alive by treating your CRM right and avoiding these heartbreaking mistakes.


First Dates. (Only Fools Rush In.)

A first date with a potential romantic partner is really no different than any other type of interview in the business world. The intent is to gauge compatibility. Companies really need to start interviewing their CRM platforms in much the same way. Test the platform before you use it. Get a sense of whether it might be a good fit for your company before you invest further.


You Get What You Put In. (Better Bring Home Roses.)

Futures can’t be built on falsehoods. Accuracy and attention to detail matter greatly. Just like in a romantic relationship, the input of poor data into a company’s CRM program can be a costly mistake.

It may seem like a small issue at first, but it can quickly snowball into larger problems down the road. Bad data leads to bad assumptions, and a company may make poor decisions based on inaccurate info in their CRM program. These mistakes can lead to wasted time, money, and resources trying to correct the errors.

Don’t make this mistake. Make sure all of your employees take the time to properly gather and input accurate data into the system. This of course includes basic information about your clients like names, addresses, contact info, etc. And a focus also needs to be made on advanced details like customer analytics, follow ups, records of any interactions or touchpoints, and projections.


Overemphasized Goals. (Too Much Pressure.)

Just like when you’re dating somebody, putting too much emphasis on your relationship goals can be a surefire way to get yourself dumped. Being overly ambitious can be a mistake that puts undue pressure on both partners, causing them to become overwhelmed and burnt out. Similarly, setting unrealistic and overemphasized company goals for your CRM software can lead to the same type of outcome.

This is actually one of the most common mistakes companies make with their CRMs. When a company sets unrealistic targets for their CRM program, it can lead to employees feeling overwhelmed and pressured to deliver results that are unattainable. This can result in mistakes being made, and important data being overlooked, which can ultimately lead to failure. It’s important to set realistic goals that are achievable within a reasonable time frame to ensure that employees don’t become overwhelmed and that the CRM program is effective in achieving its intended purpose.


Integrations Matter. (Things need to click.)

Compatibility is the core of any good relationship. Trying to force a fit when things don’t “click” can lead to a host of problems, from miscommunication to clashing personalities. You can think about your company’s CRM the same way – it has to click with your other systems and workflows if it’s going to deliver the best possible results.

If a CRM is not integrated with other existing systems at a company, it can lead to a host of problems that can be costly in terms of time, money, and resources. This is going to turn data management into a struggle, and it often results in things like duplicate entries, errors, and inconsistencies that can be difficult and time-consuming to correct. Make sure your company’s chosen CRM is compatible with all of your other software.


Always Train. (Learn and Grow Together.)

In a healthy relationship, the parties involved will learn from each other and grow together over time. That type of training and experience has a lot of value. One critical mistake that companies often make with their CRM software is ignoring employee training. That’s a definite way to ruin the value of investing in the platform.

If employees are not adequately trained on how to use the CRM software, they may become frustrated, disengaged, and less likely to use the platform effectively. This can lead to a lack of adoption of the CRM program company-wide, resulting in lost opportunities and wasted resources. Just as a couple may struggle to communicate effectively if they don’t understand each other’s needs and wants, employees may struggle to use the CRM software effectively if they don’t understand how it works and how it can benefit them. Adequate employee training is crucial.


Love Your CRM

Love your CRM for the long term by avoiding these awful mistakes that can truly harm your relationship. In the end, your company will save a lot of money by avoiding a costly breakup and all of it’s pratfalls. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to grow even stronger as a business by leveraging reliable data to capture every good thing that comes your way.

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