Successful Federal Accomplishments that Benefit the Economy

Successful Federal Accomplishments that Benefit the Economy

By Frank Mrvan, U.S. Representative, First Congressional District of Indiana.

Working in a bipartisan fashion with government officials and community stakeholders is the surest pathway to create successful accomplishments that support economic development. Together, members of Congress have worked hard to bring communities together and support individuals and families to improve their station in life.

Indiana is home to incredible economic assets, and I am proud that Congress was able to deliver critical funding for infrastructure projects to create more good-paying job opportunities and invest in our community’s quality of life.

For example, earlier this year, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Double Track project on the South Shore Line. This transformational achievement will reduce travel times, increase train frequency, improve public safety, and promote economic development. We will continue to advocate for the Capital Investment Grant program, which supports this project as well as the West Lake expansion project from Hammond to Dyer, in order to attract more visitors and businesses to Indiana.

Additionally, together members of both congressional parties voted for the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will bring much needed improvements to our transportation infrastructure, including the Gary/Chicago International Airport. Under this law, the Gary Airport will receive $763,000, which will be used to support investments in runways, taxiways, and overall sustainability. We must continue to do all we can to support this vital economic asset for our region to attract new business activity.

Further, I appreciate that the House Appropriations Committee established a process for members to advocate for eligible Community Project Funding requests. Our office successfully advanced 25 projects for communities, as well as for non-profit organizations and institutions of higher education. For example, we successfully included $2.7 million for shoreline restoration at Mt. Baldy in Michigan City, which will improve recreational and tourism activities. We also included funds to support maintenance and dredging at the Ports of Indiana – Burns Harbor. This waterway is an economic driver for our region and supports the livelihoods of thousands of longshoremen and manufacturing workers in our industrial corridor.

Finally, members of the Congressional Steel Caucus have been working to support the domestic steel industry, manufacturing workforce, and members of the United Steelworkers. Indiana is one of the largest steel-producing states in our nation, and we must continue to take action and support workers to ensure that steel remains the foundation of our national economy and our national security. In the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we were able to successfully include expanded and strengthened Buy America requirements, which ensure that American taxpayer dollars are used to support American workers.

In closing, as we emerge from the pandemic and address the threats to democracy at home and around the world, as well as ameliorate the corresponding inflationary challenges, we will continue every day to collaborate in a bipartisan fashion, work to attract federal investments, and create more good-paying job opportunities for everyone.

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