Exploring Indiana – Two Destinations for Only $37

Exploring Indiana – Two Destinations for Only $37

By Andrea M. Pearman, Publisher, Building Indiana Business.
Header photo by Andrea M. Pearman.


Photo by Andrea M. Pearman.

When the leaves started to change last month, we drove to one of my favorite places to hike: McCormick’s Creek State Park. We were excited when we entered the park and noticed that the trails were not as crowded as we had anticipated. However, at the entrance to Trail 3, we soon realized why. Barricades blocked the entrance of the trail with a large sign warning that the trail was closed until further notice. In fact, the majority of trails were still closed due to the devastating tornado that ripped through the park in May.

Undeterred by this disappointment, we decided to explore the area. Not too far away is Cataract Falls State Recreation Area, nestled in Owen County. Cataract Falls SRA boasts the largest waterfall in the state of Indiana. Hiking the picturesque loop takes you to both the lower and upper falls with stunning photo opportunities. Spanning the upper falls is one of only six remaining Smith truss covered bridges in Indiana that you can walk through and even have a picnic inside the bridge. This serene and enchanting area should be on your must-see list. Entrance is only $7.00 per car, making this an exceptionally affordable day of outdoor fun.

Image from Wolf Park. Tippecanoe County.

With renewed energy for exploring, the following week, we visited Wolf Park in the heart of Battle Ground, Tippecanoe County. Although wolves are not native to Indiana, Wolf Park is a remarkable conservation and research facility that offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect and learn about wolves. In addition to its wolf-centric programs, Wolf Park is also involved in research initiatives. The park’s dedicated team conducts research on wolf behavior and communication, contributing valuable insights to the scientific community.

In addition to the wolf packs, Wolf Park has red and grey foxes, bison, and even an Eastern Box Turtle named Clementine. Entrance is only $5.00 per person, but my recommendation is to splurge and go on a Saturday evening to experience Howl Night for $15.00 per person. We experienced the wolves as they became lively and enjoyed walking the path around the park to hear the trademark howl of the wolves. It sent chills right through me. I cannot say enough about the incredible staff and how they were there to answer all our questions.

There is so much to explore right here in Indiana. If you have an incredible destination that you would like us to explore, drop us a line, and we will visit.

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