Winery Breaks Ground on Expansion

Winery Breaks Ground on Expansion

Two-EE’s WineryTwo-EE’s Winery has broken ground on a new 7,000-square-foot expansion in Huntington. The new building, scheduled to be completed by late summer, will include larger facilities for winemaking and a sleek, new event venue. This will create opportunities for wine tours and an immersive experience for customers. While under construction, the winery will also be adding parking to their property.

For Eric and Emily Harris, owners and the “EE’s” of Two-EE’s Winery, the expansion is the realization of six years of work and planning.

“Emily and I have dreamed up the details of this space since the day we opened our doors and realized, ‘This is going to be big!’” said Harris. “As Fort Wayne natives, we’re thrilled to be able to bring our passion to our home town, and add to the list of everything that makes this area great.”

The new building is only the first phase of improvements to the property. A second phase to expand the patio and add additional seating is part of Harris’ long-term plans to meet customer demand. Construction will end by 3:30 PM every day, ensuring afternoon and evening guests can enjoy the winery’s ambiance.

Harris credits the expansion to the support the Huntington County community has given Two-EE’s Winery since opening in 2013.

“Everyone, from the planning commission, to the building department, the entire economic development team, and of course our loyal customers and community in general has been supportive,” Harris said. “It made it a easy choice to continue to invest our future in Huntington County.”

The winery will remain open to the public throughout construction. Fans can get regular updates on construction by following Two-EE’s Winery on social media, or by paying a visit to the tasting room for a glass of their favorite wine.

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