Utility Company Worth $29B After Merger

Utility Company Worth $29B After Merger

CenterPoint Energy, Inc. (NYSE: CNP) and Vectren Corporation (NYSE: VVC) announced the successful completion of their merger. The combined company, which is named CenterPoint Energy and headquartered in Houston, has regulated electric and natural gas utility businesses in eight states that serve more than 7 million metered customers and a competitive energy businesses’ footprint in nearly 40 states.

With the merger, CenterPoint Energy has assets totaling approximately $29 billion, an enterprise value of $27 billion and approximately 14,000 employees.

“Today, we come together as one company. With a greater level of business operations, resources and capabilities, we plan to execute a unified business strategy focused on the safe and reliable delivery of electricity, natural gas and energy-related services,” said Scott M. Prochazka, president and chief executive officer of CenterPoint Energy. “It is a time of transformation for our industry, and I believe CenterPoint Energy will be well positioned to deliver traditional energy services with innovative solutions that meet customers’ evolving needs and expectations.”

CenterPoint Energy’s businesses include:

  • Electric utility business – CenterPoint Energy maintains the wires, poles and electric infrastructure serving 2.4 million metered customers in the greater Houston area and 145,000 customers in Indiana. The company also owns and operates nearly 1,300 megawatts of power generation capacity in Indiana. CenterPoint Energy’sTexas electric utility business is headquartered in Houston and its Indiana electric utility business is headquartered in Evansville.
  • Natural gas utility business – CenterPoint Energy sells and delivers natural gas to 4.5 million homes and businesses in eight states: Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas, including the high-growth areas of Houston and Minneapolis. The company’s natural gas utility business is headquartered in Evansville.
  • Competitive energy businesses – CenterPoint Energy’s competitive energy businesses include: natural gas marketing and energy-related services; energy efficiency, sustainability and infrastructure modernization solutions; and construction and repair services for pipeline systems, primarily natural gas. The company’s competitive energy businesses are led from Houston.

CenterPoint Energy will continue to trade under the ticker symbol “CNP” on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Under the terms of the merger agreement, which was announced on April 23, 2018, Vectren shareholders will receive $72.00, along with a prorated dividend of $0.41145, in cash for each share of Vectren common stock owned as of the close of business on Feb. 1, 2019. Additionally, Vectren common stock, which previously traded under the ticker symbol “VVC,” has ceased trading on and was delisted from the NYSE.

“I look forward to watching the newly combined company thrive in this evolving industry,” said Carl Chapman, outgoing Vectren chairman, president and chief executive officer. “CenterPoint Energy was the right partner for Vectren and I am confident this merger will have a positive impact on all stakeholders. I sincerely thank the employees and shareholders who have been part of the Vectren journey.”

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