University Launching First-in-the-Nation 5G Community

University Launching First-in-the-Nation 5G Community

Purdue Research Foundation will partner with Tilson, a national network deployment services firm, to build a 5G connected community across the Discovery Park District. Tilson will create a neutral host technology infrastructure platform to bring advanced connectivity solutions and services to residents, retailers, companies, and innovators working alongside Purdue University faculty and students.

This unique access model ensures rapid deployment of 5G capabilities from a variety of providers, not just a single entity, assuring the continued advancement of technology for the area. This neutral host deployment is a first in the nation and will enable collaborators to test and evaluate new innovations in emerging areas, including Internet of Things (IoT), private networks, sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing and big data.

Discovery Park District is a 400+ acre development on the western edge of the Purdue campus comprised of mixed-use development, including 3,000+ residential units including individual family homes; advanced research, manufacturing, and business centers; and a vibrant set of community amenities. The live-work-play community is built next to a leading research university and is designed to facilitate the development and evaluation of new technologies, applications, and innovation.

Through its infrastructure partner, Tilson will build and own 15 miles of fiber in the Discovery Park District, which will provide the backbone for connectivity at the speed of light for those who live, work, and play in the district. The network will allow the deployment of wired and wireless services such as 5G carrier service, district Wi-Fi and private networks such as CBRS and LoRaWAN for businesses and residents. It will allow district residents to choose from a range of internet service provider options, with some of the fastest speeds available nationally. This will create one of the most connected communities in the world, built to provide immersive connectivity and technology adoptions as it evolves.

“The connected solutions of the future require a different technology architecture than we use today,” said David Broecker, Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer at Purdue Research Foundation. “The development of a neutral host platform at Discovery Park District will enhance the opportunities to advance and apply technology to our research, business, and homes. Tilson’s infrastructure investment will provide our researchers and innovators with access to a suite of technology in a live, work, play community they can’t find anywhere else.”

Internet service providers Metronet and Haywire have signed on to bring hyper connected services to the Discovery Park District.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected by Purdue Research Foundation as a technology partner,” said Joshua Broder, Tilson CEO. We look forward to collaborating with stakeholders to continue to push the envelope for future educational and research opportunities along a continuing evolving technology landscape.”

“The deployment of the neutral test bed realizes our vision for the district,” said Brian Edelman, President of Purdue Research Foundation. “It is now a place where the future is being imagined, built, tested, and enjoyed by residents, companies, and visitors to the community.”

“A community like the one we are building at Discovery Park District provides businesses with a connected ecosystem and a suite of technology tools they can’t find anywhere else,” said Troy Hege, Vice President of Innovation and Technology at Purdue Research Foundation. “COVID-19 has only accelerated this trend, and it shows no signed of slowing even post pandemic.”

Discovery Park District’s neutral host platform will be live in January 2021.

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