UE Professor Secures Grant $450K Fight Food Insecurity, Obesity

UE Professor Secures Grant $450K Fight Food Insecurity, Obesity

A state grant targeting the fight against food insecurity and obesity in Vanderburgh County has been funded thanks in part to the work of UE (University of Evansville) Director of the Institute for Public Health and Associate Professor Dr. Su Jin Jeong.

Dr. Jeong submitted a grant application on behalf of the Evansville non-profit Young & Established. Founded by activist Courtney Johnson, Y&E works to better the community primarily through the inspiration and motivation of the youth.

“The University of Evansville’s Insititute for Public Health was proud to partner to assist Young & Established by submitting this grant that will ultimately assist our community’s youth in understanding the value of food nutrition and incorporating a robust program that combats food insecurity,” said Dr. Jeong.

The grant valued at $450,000 will provide two years’ worth of funding for work related to food insecurity and obesity. With the funding, the goal is to accomplish three programs including a backpack and food pantry program, community garden and farmer’s market, and cooking classes for children who are part of the Y&E mentorship program.

The UE Institute for Public Health was included in this grant as a technical advisor. The grant disbursement begins this summer.

The institute works to promote the health of communities through education, policy, and action. Its mission is to cultivate multidisciplinary partnerships among faculty, students, and community members in ways that support the planning and development of evidence-based programs and sound policy.

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