Two Businesses Announce Projects Totaling $11M

Two Businesses Announce Projects Totaling $11M

Mayor Chris Jensen announced the expansion of two existing Noblesville businesses. The total investment for the projects is $11 million.

WoodTurningz, Inc. and Texon Towel and Supply Company are splitting the 7.55-acre lot of undeveloped land at 15405 Endeavor Drive. Each business will own 3.77 acres of land and will build separate 52,500-square-feet buildings to occupy. Additional space will be available for lease or future growth.

“We are excited to see two of Noblesville’s own expand with this new investment and jobs commitment within our community. As new investment continues to occur in Noblesville, working closely with companies that are already here is critical to ensure they have the best opportunity to thrive,” Jensen said.

Started in Noblesville in 2002, WoodTurningz is a leading supplier of pen kits, turning tools and related woodworking accessories and equipment to both retail and wholesale customers worldwide. The business is outgrowing its location on Stony Creek Way and the new location would provide space to expand inventory, increase staffing and add an additional unit of business in the board lumber market with Hardcore Hardwoodz. WoodTurningz currently has 10 full-time employees and estimates that their workforce will increase to 13-15 people by 2026 and 18-20 employees by 2031. Their project investment is $6 million.

“After nearly 20 years of business, WoodTurningz is proud to continue to call Noblesville our home. We love our current location in Noblesville. We just need more space. Our new location will allow us to not only grow, but also start a new opportunity selling domestic and exotic hardwood lumber” said Ryan Polokoff, owner and president of WoodTurningz. “Noblesville, like WoodTurningz, is growing by leaps and bounds and offers the perfect balance of hometown appeal coupled with the benefits of an advanced city.”

Since 1976, Texon Towel and Supply Company has provided towels and products to professional, collegiate, and high school athletic departments, YMCA, YWCA, health clubs, federal agencies, and public recreation facilities. Texon Towel and Supply operates out of a building on Herriman Boulevard and needs a larger building expand its inventory, employ more staff members and facilitate future growth. The business currently has six full-time employees and estimates that their workforce will increase to 10-13 people by 2026 and 14-20 employees by 2031. Texon Towel and Supply’s investment is expected to be $5 million.

Each development plans to break ground in March 2022 with completion expected by early 2023.

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