Trine Adding Game, VR Design Program

Trine Adding Game, VR Design Program

Trine University has added a game design and VR concentration within its Bachelor of Science in computer science and information technology (CSIT) degree.

Game design and VR joins existing concentrations in cybersecurity, health informatics and web development. Each concentration equips students for specialized careers while providing a broad base of knowledge and skills through the overall CSIT program.

Graduates will be prepared to professionally design video games and virtual reality (VR) environments.

“Students have the opportunity to go on, if they want, to help create the next Halo or Fortnite,” said Wendy Yagodinski, chair of Trine’s Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. “However, these technologies are also being applied to many areas outside of video games, and the concepts students learn through the CSIT degree will prepare them to work in those areas as well.”

Each class within the concentration teaches a particular set of game design skills and a specific technology platform or skill such as Twine, Game Maker and VR. Students complete a video game for their portfolio prior to graduation.

Students will develop applications using Unity, the world’s leading platform for creating and operating real-time 3D content, and will have the opportunity to earn Unity certifcations.

The program is funded in part through a $1 million grant Trine University received in 2020 from Lilly Endowment Inc. Trine used the grant to purchase software and equipment to implement extended reality laboratories and educational experiences university-wide.

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