Three Free and Healthy Activities to Boost Your Business

Three Free and Healthy Activities to Boost Your Business

As we shake off the last frosty grasps of winter and finally make our way into spring, we should be looking at new and fun ways to boost employee health during the workday. There’s a lot of great reasons to consider getting a little healthier, and companies have a lot to gain when they do.

With the right kind of activities, employers can boost employee engagement, encourage healthy lifestyles, improve morale, and achieve all kinds of other things that are great for business. To help business leaders kickstart plans for their company, we’ve compiled a rundown of three affordable springtime ideas that can bring about positive outcomes for all involved.


Meditation Mondays

Meditation activities on Mondays are perfect as a corporate wellness activity. It’s something that anyone can do, regardless of fitness level or mobility. And, of course, Mondays are often a stressful start to the week. A little meditation will go a very long way – it’s crazier than you’d think.

Did you know that meditation can reduce inflammation in the body? This has an incredible effect on so many physiological conditions. Inflammation might not sound like a big deal, but it creates problems all over the human body.

According to the Institute for Functional Medicine, “Meditation and mindfulness have been gaining empirical support for their ability to lessen perceived stress, alleviate depression, reduce loneliness, downregulate central inflammatory pathways, and benefit immune regulation. This may be beneficial for people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and asthma, in which psychological stress plays a role.”

That’s a whole lot of good outcomes from such a simple (and free) activity. Plus, it’s a very solid way for a company to make an effort at reducing the business impact of chronic conditions.


Walking Meetings / Networking on Foot

When your team of employees needs to gather for your weekly meetings, why not take a stroll together? Mobile phones likely have the tech that’s needed for most average meetings, especially those that are routine team touchpoints. So, there’s no specific reason for everyone to remain seated when they could be getting some steps in.

Another similar activity to consider would be walks that bring together individuals from different levels and departments within your organization. Think about this as networking on foot. It’ll help your divisions build better communication and workflow by getting to know one another on common ground during a shared healthy activity. It will also provide your leadership teams with opportunities to gain greater insight into your company’s operations, which could be very valuable one day.


Stretching and Calisthenics Breaks

Everybody loves breaks. They’re kind of their own fitness incentives, in a way, because they have the potential to get a lot of employee participation. If your company could offer three extra five-minute breaks specifically intended for a quick and basic workout, your employees might love it and progressively achieve unique health goals. Plus, these could be used as team-building activities.

Beyond time, there wouldn’t be any additional investment on the company’s part. Employees could choose whatever type of five-minute workout they’d like to do, from simple things like stretching, yoga, or even tougher workouts like calisthenics or aerobics. Calisthenics are any type of exercise that relies solely on the body’s own weight, like pushups or squats. They’re great for many work environments because materials and abundant space are not required.

With activities like these, employees can set their own goals and be incentivized to achieve them. They should be encouraged to keep this on the small scale. For example, instead of measuring weight loss – which is likely not going to make a lot of people comfortable – focus on things like making progress. Perhaps in the beginning, an individual can only do four or five pushups. Make the goal to achieve ten by the end of the month. Step by step, employees will improve and build confidence. This can be great for motivation and workflow among your company’s teams.


Simple, But Very Effective

These three activities are simple for any company to implement, but don’t let them fool you – they’re very effective. Even small steps will eventually get a person over a mountain. And although these suggestions are small, they’ll gain a lot of ground for your company’s health before too long.

When employees start feeling better, they’ll work better. Businesses have a lot to gain when they take action to improve the health of their people.

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