Textile Firm Celebrating 150 Years in Business

Textile Firm Celebrating 150 Years in Business

Tiedemann-Bevs Industries is celebrating 150 years of business across 5 generations of operation. In that time, the whole world has changed; two world wars, the invention of flight, the telephone, and the television.

The roots of the company date back to 1869 when Theodore Tiedemann came to the United States as an immigrant from Germany. Tiedemann’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success led him to begin several operations including textile products and fabrics designed for the interiors and exteriors of caskets. This venture of Theo’s is still the heart and soul of Tiedemann’s operations to this day.

The Galletly family entered the fold of the company in 1920 when William “Bill” Galletly joined Theo Tiedemann and Sons as a salesman. Bill’s father served as a sculptor on the Statue of Liberty and his tools can still be found in the Statue of Liberty Museum to this day.

In 1964, the company moved from New York City to Carlstadt New Jersey. The move created a logistical boost and resulted in significant overall growth to the company.

In 2008, the company consolidated all operations into a permanent location in Richmond, IN. The new 65,000 sq. foot facility houses the combined operations of Theo Tiedemann and Sons as well as Bevs Threads, now doing business as Tiedemann-Bevs Industries.

In 2016, the owners sold Tiedemann-Bevs Industries to Strength Capital Partners. From its humble beginnings being founded by a German immigrant in 1869, Tiedemann has expanded into several new markets and continues to provide services to the casket industry.

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