Tech Castings LLC Kicks Off Capital Expansion, $4.5M

Tech Castings LLC Kicks Off Capital Expansion, $4.5M

Shirley, IN-based Tech Castings LLC, a leading supplier of superalloy investment castings to the commercial and military gas turbine engine and APU markets, has initiated a $4.5 million capital expansion at its Shirley, IN manufacturing facility.

The project scope includes a 12,000-square-foot building expansion that will include manufacturing and office/administrative space, a new 100-pound capacity vacuum induction melt furnace, a new high-capacity shelled mold preheat furnace, and various pre- and post-cast processing equipment additions and upgrades.

When completed in 2022, the expansion will more than double Tech Castings LLC’s current output capacity of hot section gas turbine engine, APU, and structural components for the aerospace industry. The new capital equipment will also increase the maximum size and weight of castings produced at the facility.

With a recovery of the aerospace sector well underway, the timing of these investments will enable Tech Castings LLC to meet emerging market needs through the next decade.

According to Jeff Lantz, President of Tech Castings LLC, “We’re very excited to start this capital expansion project during our 10th anniversary celebrations. It’s a testament to the ongoing efforts of our entire team to deliver high quality precision aerospace engine components to almost every major OEM in the US. I also need to thank the Town of Shirley, IN for working so closely with us on this expansion project. Their enthusiastic collaboration will enable us to significantly grow our workforce over the next several years.”

Tech Castings LLC was recently awarded a $171,500 grant as part of the State of Indiana’s Manufacturing Readiness Grant program. The funding was distributed by the Indiana Economic Development Corp. and Conexus Indiana.

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