Talent Team-Ups

Talent Team-Ups

Our current business climate of high-employment levels and strong demand for skilled employees across multiple industries has produced some interesting side effects. Although it’s a very competitive period for finding and attracting talent, companies and other organizations seem to be more willing than ever to share their knowledge with other entities and individuals.

This is happening in a wide variety of locations and industry settings, all of which points to an overarching goal to continually develop sought-after skills. This year has already brought us numerous examples of talent training team-ups that are about as unique as the demographics they serve.


Businesses Team with Leadership Academy

Lippert Components, Inc. (LCI), an Elkhart-based international supplier of vehicle and RV components, has launched a new project that will bring businesses together for leadership training. The new Lippert Academy for Leadership will serve external businesses, nonprofits, and individuals with a variety of programs and offerings, including on-site training and leadership development programs, executive coaching, speaking engagements, and a two-day in-house leadership development experience. The academy will be a separate division within the company.

“As we’ve grown, learned, and refined our own leadership training and development programs, our company recognized that this was a wonderful opportunity to take some of that knowledge and support the leadership, cultural, and business goals of other organizations,” said Jason Lippert, CEO of LCI.

Several years ago, LCI began a campaign to align its business and cultural strategies across all of its locations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Since beginning this mission, the company’s attrition has dropped from over 120 percent to below 30 percent in the last six years.

LCI’s goal with the new academy is to share these concepts with other companies. The academy can customize leadership training and development to meet the needs of any organization. It will be open to any and all interested companies and businesses and is not specific to any one industry or company size.


GM and VU Team Up for UAW Apprenticeship

Vincennes University and GM Powertrain Bedford have announced a new partnership to train United Auto Workers (UAW) apprentices in advanced manufacturing processes through VU’s Business and Industry workforce development training program. The partnership allows General Motors apprentices to receive focused training in the areas of metallurgy, blueprint reading, and CNC machining.

“Through partnerships like these, General Motors and the United Auto Workers are able to turn out some of the most highly trained and knowledgeable individuals in the skilled trades professions,” said Richard Cota, apprenticeship program director at GM Powertrain Bedford. “General Motors Corporation alongside the United Auto Workers are pleased to have the University’s vast array of extremely knowledgeable faculty and staff overseeing our apprentice course curriculum.”

VU President Chuck Johnson said “GM Bedford is a global leader in aluminum die cast processing and manufacturing, and this partnership allows Vincennes University’s focused, quality training programs to take the apprenticeship program to the next level.”

The program, developed by Vincennes University with direction from General Motors, is assisted by the United Auto Workers, StoneGate Arts and Education Center, and North Lawrence Community Schools.


Biomedical Technician Tag Team

The University of Indianapolis and Swiss firm Roche Diagnostics, a global in vitro diagnostics leader, are partnering to solve talent pipeline shortages for biomedical equipment technicians. The first Roche Academy cohort brings together students from Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky and will provide real-world training for biology and chemistry majors to create industry-ready graduates for high-demand positions.

The academy offers a customized curriculum and summer internship experience focused on the hands-on life science and engineering skills. Students will receive training and skill-building opportunities, professional development, an internship, and a full-time position at Roche upon successful completion of the program.

Graduates will serve a critical need to Roche’s operations as they maintain lab equipment and provide customer service across the United States. The academy is expected to produce up to 20 biomedical equipment technicians annually.

Debra Feakes, dean of the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences, said the model sets a new standard for university partnerships with industry leaders to onboard fully-trained employees.

“The University is thrilled to offer students this unique opportunity to develop a career path and apply new skills in a professional setting with built-in mentorship,” said Debra Feakes, dean of the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences.


Teens Team with Hospitals for Health Experience

Eskenazi Health recently began training young people in its 2019 VolunTEEN Summer Program, which allows teenagers to experience professional service and shadowing on a path to becoming health care professionals.

“Participants in our VolunTEEN program receive the precious opportunity to work with Eskenazi Health professionals and serve the community while accruing service hours that positively impact their education and scholarship goals,” said Scott Lawson, manager of Eskenazi Health Volunteer Services.

The program places a special emphasis on mentoring youth and preparing them for the future of health care in nursing, therapy, medicine, and other health care professions. The teens accepted into the program will complete “mock rotations” throughout the clinical and business offices, providing them with the opportunity to gain a greater knowledge of health care and its operations.

Once enrolled, each participant will commit to one full week of training, and two days a week for the remaining weeks of the program. Participants will rotate through many clinical and non-clinical settings, observing and serving with Eskenazi Health staff and Volunteer Services.


A Team to Connect Students with Employers

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and Diverse Talent Strategies (DTS) have partnered to deploy the Engage Mentoring program to area employers. The initiative will help Northeast Indiana students connect with mentors in the regional business community and will arm employers with tools to attract, retain, and develop talent.

The program is a model that uses a proprietary software system to help employees build the necessary skills needed to be good mentors, as well as connect with other qualified mentors in the business community.

“Now more than ever, employers need resources and strategies for employee engagement and development. This program will be a powerful tool in their arsenal,” said Susan Boyd, vice president of human resources at Rea Magnet Wire, a Fort Wayne-based manufacturer of magnets and nonferrous wire products.

The program also includes a Talent Executive Roundtable of key leaders meeting quarterly to discuss tactics and share best practices related to attracting, retaining and developing talent.


Learning Together

Education and learning are not solo activities; they’re as collaborative as it gets. Team-ups like these and the many other examples happening in Indiana right now are poised to strengthen our state’s skillsets for years, helping workers connect with great careers and companies connect with great talent.