Surf Internet Welcomes New Assistant Director of Special Funding

Surf Internet Welcomes New Assistant Director of Special Funding

Surf Internet, a leading provider of fiber-optic broadband services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremia Holmes-Ploor as the new Assistant Director of Special Funding. Holmes-Ploor will play a pivotal role in securing grant funding to expand Surf Internet’s broadband services across the Great Lakes region.

In his new role, Holmes-Ploor will focus on building relationships with local stakeholders to secure vital grant dollars. His role demands significant community involvement and engagement. “Successful grant funding requires relationship-building with local stakeholders,” explained Holmes-Ploor. “I look forward to working with the community to make Surf’s broadband internet evenJeremiaHolmes-Ploor more widely available. It is these relationships, their stories, and being part of something meaningful that I look forward to most.”

Holmes-Ploor brings a wealth of experience in securing grant funding within the broadband communications sector. Having lived in the Great Lakes region for most of his life, he possesses a deep understanding of the communities Surf serves. His background in grant writing, financial analysis, cross-functional collaboration, and process improvement makes him uniquely qualified for this role.

Holmes-Ploor will work closely with Surf’s Director of Special Funding, Steve Carender. Carender is eager to witness firsthand Holmes-Ploor’s impact on Surf’s mission. “I am so thrilled to add Jeremia to our team,” said Carender. “His skills, background, and enthusiasm for Surf’s premiere fiber-optic offering will serve our efforts well in bringing broadband to more homes across the Midwest.”

With Holmes-Ploor on board, Surf Internet is poised to accelerate its mission of providing reliable, high-speed internet access to underserved communities in the Great Lakes region. This appointment underscores Surf’s dedication to bridging the digital divide and fostering connectivity for all.

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