Superior Ag Launches New Partnership

Superior Ag Launches New Partnership

Superior Ag is excited to announce the finalization of being a co-partner with Central Kentucky Grain LLC, a grain storage facility located in Lebanon, KY. The business will continue to operate as Central Kentucky Grain LLC.

All operations and personnel will continue, on an uninterrupted basis, serving growers throughout the region. Central Kentucky Grain CEO, Mark Boone, is continuing to lead the business following the creation of the partnership.

“We are privileged to co-partner with CKG and expand our footprint in this vital grain consumption area. Increasing grain storage capacity allows us for a stronger merchandising capability going forward.” stated Barry Day, Superior Ag President & CEO.  “Mark’s vision and values are the foundation of CKG and we are humbled to partner with him in this venture.”

The total grain storage for Lebanon is currently 320,000 bushels and is undergoing an expansion of 160,000 bushels. The expansion is set to be completed by the end of 2019. In the spring of 2020, three additional 5,000 bushel overhead shipping bins will be added to the storage facility. Central Kentucky Grain plans to continue to expand its on-site grain storage capacity.

With this partnership and expansion, Superior Ag will have an excess of 7 million bushels of grain storage capacity at 8 grain elevator locations.

“Superior Ag is a trusted and respected name throughout the region.,” said Mark Boone, CEO of Central Kentucky Grain.  “Our partnership with Superior Ag provides security for our marketing arm to keep local producers, distilleries, and other markets connected. They bring financial support and bring marketing expertise, as well as business collaboration to create immediate growth to our company.”

Central Kentucky Grain (CKG) provides an alternate way to store, move and handle corn, beans and wheat and sells to a variety of end users. CKG sells the majority of corn to quench a worldwide thirst for bourbon. Soybeans are turned into soybean meal which feeds Kentucky’s livestock.

According to Kentucky Living, Kentucky distilleries make 95 percent of the world’s supply of bourbon, and consumption has been growing at a dramatic rate. For five years straight, Kentucky distillers have filled more than 1 million barrels, and the current statewide inventory of 6.8 million is the highest since 1973. And behind every one of those barrels is around 16 bushels of corn.

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