Road Construction is in High Gear

Road Construction is in High Gear

By Nick Dmitrovich with input from INDOT

Contractors are hitting the road all over Indiana this summer, delivering major new roadway projects in just about every region of the state. With so much contracted activity going on right now, it’s been a bit of a challenge to keep up with all the latest infrastructure updates. So we went straight to the source and reached out to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for all the latest details. They provided snapshots of key project highlights from several different regions.


18 Bridges on I-94 – $8 Million
Dunnet Bay Construction
Northwest District

Dunnet Bay Construction began construction in April on two contracts, totaling $3.383 million and $4.591 million, pertaining to an array of projects stretching along I-94 from the Illinois border to I-65 in Lake County. Workers will be performing concrete work on ramps and 18 different bridges. The company is also performing similar work along I-294 for the Illinois Department of Transportation. Construction is expected to be complete next year.


Six I-65 Bridge Resurfacings – $8 Million
Contractor: Superior Construction
Northwest District

Superior Construction is coming up to the last few phases on its $7.979 million contract to replace bridge deck overlays in several spots along I-65 between Ridge Road to the north and U.S. 30 to the south. In total, there are six bridges that were part of the contract, including ones that cross over 73rd, Grand Trunk Railroad, U.S. 30, Turkey Creek, 39th, and 49th. Work began in April and is scheduled to complete by the end of November.


10 Miles of I-69 – $34.7 Million
Contractor: Primco
Northeast District

According to INDOT, the most significant project currently taking place in the Fort Wayne area is the reconstruction of about 10 miles of I-69 in Grant County. This $34.7 million project was awarded to Primco and began in the spring of 2019. Workers will be replacing concrete pavement in both directions of I-69, replacing pavement on three bridge deck overlays, and will also be performing a complete bridge replacement at the I-69 and S.R. 18 interchange at Marion. The estimated time of completion for all of these separate work areas is autumn of 2021.


I-70 Rebuild – $43.9 Million
Milestone Contractors, L.P.
West Central District

Milestone Contractors, L.P. was awarded a $43.9 million contract to revamp a stretch of I-70 that is near the Indianapolis International Airport. The company will be rebuilding both the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-70 between S.R. 267 to Ronald Reagan Parkway. Workers will also be adding a new auxiliary lane to the same stretch, which will essentially extend the on and off ramps between the two interchanges. The contract also calls for patching along I-70 further westward. In 2020, crews will be working on the eastbound lanes. Next year, they’ll be working on the westbound. The project is scheduled for completion in summer of 2022.


Two Interchanges on I-65 – $62.8 Million
E&B Paving
West Central District

Two interchanges are going to be redesigned near the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Boone County. E&B Paving was awarded a $62.8 million contract to build two new interchanges at I-65 at Boone County Road 550 South and at I-65 and S.R. 267. Both will be diverging diamond interchanges. The project also includes minor ramp widening for the existing northbound I-65 exit ramp to Whitestown Parkway and the existing southbound I-65 exit ramp to I-865. All of the work on this project is expected to be finished in summer of 2022.


I-69 Finish Line – $164.8 Million (Martinsville portion, Contract 2)
Contractor: Walsh Construction Company II LLC
Southeast District

The I-69 Finish Line is a multi-faceted project that is part of the overall I-69 extension to connect Indianapolis to Evansville. It is the sixth and final section of the larger I-69 project and runs between Martinsville and Indianapolis.

Multiple companies and contracts are involved in various phases of the I-69 Finish Line, some of which have not been awarded yet. Among the most significant activity taking place right now is the $164.8 million contract awarded to Walsh Construction Company II LLC to transform six miles of S.R. 37 in Martinsville into I-69. Work is taking place this year to prepare alternate routes for traffic, because S.R. 37 is going to be closed in 2021. The entire I-69 Finish Line is expected to complete in 2024.


New Lanes on I-65 – $143 Million
E&B Paving Inc.
Southeast District

A stretch of I-65 in Jackson and Bartholomew Counties is getting an overhaul. From U.S. 50 to S.R. 58, the road will be converted into a 6-lane roadway. An additional stretch from S.R. 58 to S.R. 46 will be resurfaced. E&B Paving Inc. was awarded a $143 million contract to complete this project, which began in 2018 and is expected to complete this year.


Big Year for Hoosier Highways

This is a big year for Hoosier highways. Increased accessibility is great for business, and each of these projects is going to have a unique impact on the local surrounding area. With so much activity taking place, there are definitely going to be a lot of new opportunities arising in the near future.

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