River Ridge Announces $2M Infrastructure Investments

River Ridge Announces $2M Infrastructure Investments

The River Ridge Development Authority (RRDA) Board authorized nearly $2 million for a new roads and water connections at the River Ridge Commerce Center, continuing its significant infrastructure investments at the Center and beyond.

The board approved a contract for $1.8 million to begin construction of the Jim Lewis roadway project, as well as a $45,500 investment to design and engineer an emergency water connection with Charlestown.

“Every penny we spend on infrastructure is money well spent,” River Ridge Executive Director Jerry Acy said. “Last year alone, we invested more than $27 million in infrastructure. Over the next ten years, we plan to invest another $200 million in similar projects.”

Phase one of Jim Lewis roadway construction will consist of a 3-lane curb and gutter section from the east DA Inc. truck entrance to just east of the Penny Martin Lane intersection.

The newly approved emergency water funding will expand the scope of work for engineers to include design, permitting and bidding, in addition to their existing topographic survey of the proposed route.


Land sales negotiations 

Additionally, the RRDA approved negotiations for two potential land sales. One lot, located on International Drive, is about 80 acres; the other lot, located on Patrol Road, is about 15 acres. These negotiations, amid a record number of site visits this year, show River Ridge’s attractiveness to businesses large and small throughout the Midwest and nationwide.

River Ridge generated $43.6 million in total tax revenue for state and local entities in 2022. That number is only growing, as is the impact RRCC has on its communities. Over the next decade, the RRDA plans to invest $200 million in local infrastructure improvements.

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