Publicity Club of Chicago Hosts NWI Media Panel

Publicity Club of Chicago Hosts NWI Media Panel

The Publicity Club of Chicago (PCC) hosted a media and communications panel discussion and networking event at Prime Real Estate in Crown Point, IN. PCC is an organization comprised of professionals that collectively make up the nation’s largest independent public relations membership organization. Recently, the organization has begun branching out into areas surrounding Chicago.

“While we have journalists and communications professionals who live in Northwest Indiana participate in our events in Chicago, it occurred to me we have never had an event in Northwest Indiana,” said Lindsey Cramer, board member and programs chair for PCC. “Last year, we started expanding to different Chicago-land communities and are excited to begin offering this program in the region.”

Media and communications professionals had the opportunity to connect and share best practices with one another about the ways in which information can better be shared between the two entities. Panel members consisted of (pictured left to right):

  • Chris Nolte (Lakeshore 89.1)
  • Joseph Pete (The Times)
  • Andrea Pearman (Building Indiana)
  • Julia Perla Huisman (Here Magazine)
  • Alan Myszkowski (Local 219)

When asked what public relations companies can be doing to achieve greater success with their communications and press releases, Andrea Pearman, publisher of Building Indiana magazine, explained that a tailored approach is a more efficient means of achieving coverage.

“The audience and the content model differ greatly between publications, and if a PR firm wants to see more of their communications go to print they should be tailoring their approach to meet those parameters,” Pearman said. “For example, a trade publication is going to care about different aspects of a story than the general public would be interested in. Therefore, announcements need to be altered to fit their respective mediums and demographics.”

Other questions from the audience centered around the rise in digital correspondence, how advertising dollars should best be spent, and effective ways of achieving greater exposure for clients and companies.

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