Places Where Hoosier Products are Made

Places Where Hoosier Products are Made

Ever wonder where some of Indiana’s primary products are made? There are unique manufacturing operations located all over the state. Some are in interesting clusters surrounding certain regions or cities, and others are disbursed without any kind of distinct pattern. Let’s take a dive into some of the biggest-selling Hoosier products and find out where they originate.


Medical Devices and Products

Indiana ranks among the top 5 states for medical device production and Warsaw, IN has a huge concentration of firms from the industry. There are quite a few other companies in other regions, but only Warsaw has earned the title of the “orthopedic capital of the world.”

In Warsaw, companies like Zimmer Biomet, DePuy-Synthes Joint Reconstruction, Paragon Medical, Tecomet, and Wishbone Medical produce all kinds of medical devices that will eventually be used on and in human bodies. In a way, one can think of these companies as firms that make parts for people.

All manner of bone and joint products are made in Warsaw, including knee, hip, spine, ankle, shoulder, and many other kinds of replacements. Medical imaging technology is also made there, as well as materials for surgeries and orthopedic devices designed specifically for the tiny bodies of children.



There’s a heavy concentration of steel production throughout Northern Indiana, particularly in the Northwest region. For many decades, Indiana has led the nation in steel production. It is estimated that half the nation’s blast furnace capacity is based in Lake and Porter Counties. That’s kind of a remarkable fact when one considers the importance of steel for other types of industries. It’s used in countless products and massive infrastructure installations all over the place – found just about anywhere and everywhere, really.

Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. and U.S. Steel are two of the largest producers of steel in Indiana. Overall, the Hoosier state produced about 24.3 million tons of steel in 2021 and 21.6 million tons in 2020.


Aerospace Technology

The aerospace industry is conducting billions of dollars in aviation research and manufacturing in Indiana every year, but not in any particularly centralized location. The Indianapolis region has a large number of aerospace firms, but others can be found throughout many areas of the state, notably near major universities.

Rolls-Royce is a major player in the Hoosier aerospace scene. More Rolls-Royce products are built in Indianapolis than anywhere else in the world. Earlier this year, the company invested $400 million into new engine test facilities in our state capital. These engines will be used on the U.S. Air Force’s B-52 strategic bomber fleet.

Elsewhere in the state, lots of other aerospace activity is taking place. BAE Systems, for example, is producing aerospace electronic systems and other defense-related products in both Fort Wayne and Odon, IN. Purdue University’s Aerospace Technology District in West Lafayette is a hotbed for things like hypersonics research and technology development. And over the last few years, dozens of industry-related startup companies have launched new operations in Indiana to support the aerospace sector.



The automotive industry is massive in Indiana and spread out all over the state. We have Subaru in Lafayette, Stellantis in Kokomo, GM in Fort Wayne, Honda in Greensburg, Toyota in Princeton, Cummins in Columbus, and so many others. Not to mention hundreds of parts and material suppliers. There’s somewhere in the ballpark of about 9,000 manufacturing operations, ranking us one of the top-producing automotive states.

There is, however, one unique category of the industry that does clearly show a regional concentration. Elkhart, IN is simply a powerhouse in recreational vehicle manufacturing. The county reports that one out of every two recreational vehicles on the road today was manufactured in Elkhart, earning it the title of “RV Capital of the World” from several publications. There’s even a local manufacturing hall of fame.

Another interesting fact about automotive manufacturing in Indiana comes from South Bend, where a company named Emergency Vehicle Seating (EVS) manufacturers almost all of the ambulance seating found throughout the world. EVS is just a small local firm, but it’s ambulance seating products are used to support first responders all over the globe.


No Place Like Home

Indiana’s manufacturing regions are truly one-of-a-kind places that make some of our country’s most important products. On a daily basis, hardworking men and women from every corner of the state work hard to bring high-quality things to the world. And that’s something that should make each one of these regions proud.

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