NWIBRT Announces Executive Board Appointments

NWIBRT Announces Executive Board Appointments

The Northwest Indiana Business RoundTable (NWIBRT) is pleased to announce its 2019 executive board of directors. Representatives on this board come from an array of different Northwest Indiana industries, including several of the region’s leading companies. Together, they work to improve safety and quality across construction projects in Northwest Indiana.

Jim Jorgensen from Hoeppner Wagner & Evans LLP joins the board this year as the association’s legal counsel. He practices law in the areas of labor, employment, banking and business. His representation of business clients ranges from small, closely-held business to American subsidiaries of foreign corporations. Jorgensen is a frequent lecturer to various business groups, publishes extensively in business journals, and was an adjunct professor at the Valparaiso University School of Law for over 20 years.

“The members of NWIBRT are very diverse and often have unique questions, making Mr. Jorgensen’s experience on our executive board a very welcome fit. We’re very happy that he’s joining us,” said Andrea Pearman, executive director.

The 2019 executive board of directors is as follows:

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