New Association Brings Together Companies to Strengthen Professional Development of Women

New Association Brings Together Companies to Strengthen Professional Development of Women

Numerous leading companies and executives have signed on to be a part of the Northwest Indiana Influential Woman Association (NWIIWA), a new organization that aims to foster collaborative efforts to build additional professional development opportunities for women and promote a positive, forward-thinking agenda.

The idea for NWIIWA was conceptualized by several alumni from the Influential Women of Northwest Indiana Awards Banquet, which includes many of the region’s most prominent and impactful business and community leaders. Founders identified a need for a stronger support system to enable more women to develop their careers.

NWIIWA has been established to advance pathways for educational, professional development, and networking opportunities with a commitment to delivering these benefits without being a drain on an individual’s time. Unlike other associations, engagement and inclusivity will be prioritized over time-consuming regular monthly meetings.

“There are several organizations in NWI that focus on niche target areas of professional development for women, but there’s never been a clear go-to source,” said Erica Dombey, executive board chair and president of the Regional Development Company. “As we laid the groundwork for NWIIWA, we formed a strategy geared toward delivering the best results possible without requiring members to devote their time to mundane meetings. By drawing upon all of the resources of our membership, together we’re going to be the authors of success stories for women in our region.”

NWIIWA is open to anyone, regardless of gender or industry. Members are encouraged to engage with one another and collaborate on ways to help incubate the success of the next generation of female entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders. Individually, the roster of people that constitute NWIIWA’s members include all levels of companies, including management, human resources, sales, site supervisors, entrepreneurs, and many more.

The governing board members have been selected, and are as follows:

Executive Board

Board Members

Three principal committees for the association have been designated as the Education and Development Committee, the Awards Banquet Committee, and the Networking Events Committee.

Recently, members celebrated the launch of the new association with a special event held at the Crossroads Regional Chamber of Commerce’s office in Merrillville. Already, during its inaugural event, attendees were actively formulating new ways in which women can advance their careers by relying on NWIIWA’s resources.

Any company or individual that would like to be a part of ensuring the future success stories of women in our region is encouraged to visit to learn more.


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