MonoSol Launches “Takeout Takeover”

MonoSol Launches “Takeout Takeover”

To recognize its employees’ health and safety efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic and help support local restaurant owners and their staff, MonoSol launched a “Takeout Takeover” appreciation program. The effort provides needed funds to restaurants in communities where MonoSol has a facility and, in turn, its nearly 750 employees can order a carryout meal valued up to $70 plus gratuity by simply showing their company ID.

“We want to say thank you to our people for how hard they’ve been working to stay safe and healthy while also supporting other local business owners who need the help right now,” said MonoSol CEO P. Scott Bening. “MonoSol is an economic engine in our communities, and our employees came up with a really creative way to leverage our strength to accomplish two goals at once.”

Restaurants selected to participate in the initial program include Texas Roadhouse in Portage, Trattoria Enzo in La Porte, Innsbrook Country Club in Merrillville and Backroads BBQ in Lebanon. In addition to the price of the meal, MonoSol will cover a 25 percent gratuity for restaurant staff. Staff living in Chicago and other parts of the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia will also be able to participate by selecting locally owned restaurants in their communities. MonoSol intends to repeat the program several times in the coming weeks with additional local partners.

Mayor Tom Dermody of La Porte said, “MonoSol has been an incredible community partner, taking every possible step to keep their teams safe, healthy and working. Their efforts to give back and help others in need in our city is a testament to the kind of organization they are, and we are grateful to have an ally like them in La Porte.”

Mayor Sue Lynch of Portage said, “MonoSol’s Takeout Takeover is another example of how it is going above and beyond right now. From funding our food pantries and providing thermometers and hand sanitizer to our first responders, we’re blessed to have a strong and growing company like this in our community.”

Mayor Matt Gentry of Lebanon said, “We welcomed MonoSol into Lebanon just over a year ago and it’s amazing to see their people flourishing and quickly becoming such a critical part of the community. This is a really creative way to show appreciation and give back at the same time.”

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