Monitoring Program Launched for Addicted Health Professionals

Monitoring Program Launched for Addicted Health Professionals

The State of Indiana and Chesterton-based Parkdale Management are implementing a state-wide monitoring program for health professionals who suffer from addiction. In order to freshly catapult the program into the world of healthcare, the Indiana Professionals Recovery Program (IPRP) brand was established, replacing the formerly known program, Indiana State Nurses Assistance Program (ISNAP).

IPRP is a confidential monitoring program for healthcare professionals who are currently struggling with addiction. This program works to ensure public safety and safe practice of healthcare professionals through education, monitoring, accountability, and support. Not only is IPRP a resource for professionals, but it’s also for their families.

There are difficulties in approaching a loved one about their alcohol or substance use; therefore, IPRP provides the family members with the tools and knowledge to know how to do so. To help ensure public safety, an employer will also find IPRP as a valuable resource. As an employer in the healthcare field, they are required to report an employee who they suspect or know has a problem with substance use disorder. A careful plan of action needs to be carried out, and the experts at IPRP can help.

The Indiana Professionals Recovery Program goal is twofold: first, aspiring to help protect the health, safety and welfare of patients that could be at risk from an impaired provider; and second, to provide support, resources, advocacy, and accountability for healthcare professionals suffering from substance use disorder as they begin and continue their journey of sustained sobriety. “The safety of the public is our number one priority,” said IPRP Medical Director, Dr. David Cummins.

“But we also want to get these professionals back into the career they love. The Indiana Professionals Recovery Program is comprehensive, so whether they come to us through mandatory or voluntary admission, we’re here to help,” Dr. Cummins said.

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