Hoosier Community Becoming Certified Gigabit City

Hoosier Community Becoming Certified Gigabit City

Metronet announced the Town of Bargersville will soon have access to Metronet’s ultra-high-speed 100 percent fiber optic internet. Metronet, the nation’s largest independently owned, 100 percent fiber optic provider, will fully fund the construction project through a multimillion-dollar investment that will bring Bargersville residents and businesses to the frontline of modern technology.

Construction has begun in the Southview and Morris Meadows subdivisions and will expand rapidly over the next two years with the first customers online in the fall of 2022. As construction progresses through the community, customers may sign up for presale, which will indicate their interest and prioritize installation when available. Those interested in Metronet services may visit MetronetInc.com/signup to be notified when their address is available for installation and to access presale.

“Bargersville is one step closer to becoming a Gigabit City and we are looking forward to working with Metronet to provide another choice for our residents and businesses,” said Kevin Killinger, Utilities Manager for Town of Bargersville. “With the implementation of Metronet’s 100 percent fiber optic network, the Town of Bargersville will experience the benefits of modern technology for years to come.”

Metronet brings fiber optic services directly to homes and businesses in underserved communities in America with affordable, symmetrical speeds up to 10 Gigabits with no long-term contracts. The company expects its network to be available to more than one million residential households and business locations in the near term, providing more service options to hundreds of communities.

“We are thrilled to soon be able to provide residents and businesses throughout the Town of Bargersville with our 100 percent fiber optic network that brings unparalleled internet speeds right to your front door,” said John Cinelli, Metronet CEO. “We thank our many partners for their support, and we look forward to making Bargersville a Certified Gigabit City.”

Residents in construction areas will receive communication by mail about construction activity in their neighborhood 30 days prior to beginning and the company provides additional messaging, such as yard signs, to let residents know when the temporary construction process is beginning in their neighborhood. Metronet crews are marked by ID tags and branded vehicles.

Metronet is one of the fastest-growing providers of fiber optic high-speed services in the nation and is known for its outstanding customer service provided by a strong local presence. Residents and businesses that are interested in Metronet services may visit construction.Metronetinc.com to view construction updates in their area.

Customers in Bargersville will be able to visit our retail storefront located in Franklin, IN. Here customers will have direct access to customer care associates, sign-up for services and schedule installation.

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