$12.2M in Federal Grants Awarded to 20 communities

$12.2M in Federal Grants Awarded to 20 communities

Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and the Office of Community and Rural Affairs announced 20 rural Indiana communities will be awarded over $12.2 million in federal grant funding to create and expand community facilities and improve water infrastructure.

“The grants provided to these communities will support necessary projects that may not have been possible without the help of this funding,” Crouch said. “By improving water infrastructure and public facilities, communities are improving public health and safety for their residents.”

The State of Indiana distributes Community Development Block Grant funds to rural communities, which assist units of local government with various community projects such as infrastructure improvement, downtown revitalization, public facilities and economic development.

“These grants are so important to our rural communities,” said OCRA Executive Director Denny Spinner. “This funding makes it possible for towns, cities and counties to carry out projects to prevent flooding, provide safe drinking water or expand community centers. Each of these projects will help to improve the quality of life for local Hoosiers.”

The Public Facilities Program creates and expands community facilities to enhance the lives of residents. Eligible projects include fire stations, community facilities, libraries, museums, community centers and performance spaces that open doors to knowledge and ideas, culture, and enjoyment.

  • The Town of Macy is awarded $500,000 to construct a new 5,550 square foot fire station consisting of five bay doors, office and training spaces, restroom and shower facilities, dedicated space for firefighter turnout gear, radio and communication equipment, and a small kitchenette. The station will be located at the corner of Walnut and Powell streets in Macy and will serve all of Allen Township in Miami County.
  • The City of Rushville is awarded $500,000 to expand the existing fire and EMS station to separate the living and sleeping quarters from potentially contaminated fire apparatus and gear. This project will not only provide a safer environment for fire and EMS personnel but will also help to keep the highest level of service available to all residents at all times, with healthy first responders at the ready.
  • The City of Vincennes is awarded $500,000 to expand the Bettye J. McCormick Senior Center with a 3,450 square feet addition. This project will increase the capacity of the center to continue providing adult day services and to reestablish its Congregate Meal program for both the aging and disabled populations in the City of Vincennes and the surrounding area.

The Stormwater Improvement Program strives to reduce flooding, cut stormwater treatment and energy costs, protect rivers, lakes and vital landscape, and generate jobs to spur economic revitalization. Types of activities that are eligible for this grant funding include stormwater improvements, as well as demolition and/or clearance.

  • The Town of Carlisle is awarded $600,000 for stormwater improvements that will reduce flooding along the residential streets of Saline and Eaton in Carlisle. With this project, the occurrence of street, sidewalk, yard and basement flooding will be reduced.
  • Porter County is awarded $271,815 to utilize eco-friendly technology such as permeable roads and revetment systems to address and mitigate flooding issues impacting the residents of the Blackhawk Beach area.

The goals of the Wastewater/Drinking Water Program are to protect the health and environment, reduce utility rates for low-to-moderate income communities, and improve rural infrastructure to enable long-term economic growth. Eligible Wastewater/Drinking Water Program projects include many aspects of wastewater improvements and drinking water system improvements.

  • The Town of Wheatland is awarded $700,000 to install new water mains, hydrants, pumps and meters to improve the water quality for residents.
  • The Town of Cromwell is awarded $700,000 to rehabilitate the water tower, improve the well field and water treatment plant, replace fire hydrants, and install new water meters.
  • The Town of Ridgeville is awarded $700,000 to upgrade the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This project will also rehabilitate and replace the Waltz Street lift station and the Wastewater Treatment Plant lift station, 23 manholes throughout the collection system, and various sections of sewer mains throughout the collection system.
  • The City of Hartford City is awarded $700,000 to make necessary improvements to the water utility system. This project consists of installing new filters, aerators, water lines, hydrants, and making improvements at both elevated water towers and the water treatment plant.
  • The City of Gas City is awarded $700,000 to make improvements to the city’s North H Street lift station. This project also includes the installation of 7,784 linear feet of 8” cured-in-place-pipe lining, 1,975 linear feet of 10” CIPP lining and 106 linear feet of 15” CIPP.
  • The Town of Otterbein is awarded $700,000 to complete a water utility improvement project. The project elements include upgrades at the existing water treatment plant, rehabilitation of the elevated water storage tank and the replacement of the 1st Street water distribution line.
  • The City of Jasonville is awarded $700,000 for wastewater treatment system improvements. The improvements include cured-in-place-pipe lining to the least efficient collection lines and enhancements at the wastewater treatment plant. This will allow Jasonville to continue to put residential safety at the forefront and prosper into the future.
  • The Town of Shoals is awarded $700,000 to replace the existing influent screen with a new mechanical fine screen at the wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, the project will reline 6,500 linear feet of sewer lines with cured in-place pipe, reline and rehabilitate 24 manholes, and install a new force main in insulated casing pipe.
  • The Town of Brownstown is awarded $700,000 to address needed upgrades within the sanitary sewer lines and manholes scattered throughout the entire community. The project also entails improvements within the existing wastewater treatment plant and two existing lift stations.
  • The Town of Liberty is awarded $700,000 to fund improvements to their water utility. This project will replace water mains.
  • The Town of Oldenburg is awarded $414,870 to install cured-in-place-pipe lining with manhole rehabilitation of 3,000’ of sanitary gravity sewer, 500′ of 8″ sewer lines, and a mechanical screen at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. These improvements will decrease the amount of inflow and infiltration of storm water in the sanitary sewer system, resulting in sewage backups and overflows and less wear and tear on equipment at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • The Town of Brooklyn is awarded $700,000 to improve the wastewater treatment plant and collection system. The project includes a combination of collection system additions and upgrades, as well as new upgrades to the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant and the addition of a new flow equalization tank.
  • The Town of Walkerton is awarded $400,000 to replace structural material and install new mechanical equipment on two existing elevated water storage tanks. Improvements will include interior and exterior sandblasting to remove rust and corrosion, steel structure replacement, interior joint lining, interior and exterior weather guard epoxy coatings, installation of new internal mixing units, anti-freeze vents, and other miscellaneous components.
  • The Town of Seelyville is awarded $700,000 to rehabilitate the most urgent at-risk water main in the oldest part of the system. These improvements will enhance water supply and quality, improve water hydraulics and flow during peak demands and flushing within water system’s designated service area, both in-town and areas to the south, along with improving fire protection.
  • The City of Aurora is awarded $700,000 for cured-in-place-pipe lining and/or line replacement. The project will also increase capacity and elimination of mechanical problems in the following lift stations.

Funding for OCRA’s CDBG programs originates from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant program and is administered for the State of Indiana by OCRA.

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