Loven Oven Pizza Announces New Owners, Renewed Commitment to Town of Lowell

Loven Oven Pizza Announces New Owners, Renewed Commitment to Town of Lowell

Longstanding Lowell, IN restaurant Loven Oven Pizzeria was recently acquired by John Butor, a lifelong resident of the town and former director of operations for nursing home facilities, and his fiancé Lea Glines, also a lifelong resident and a former manager of corporate retail operations. The business is excited to announce a renewed commitment to the community that has enabled its decades of success.

The original Loven Oven was established in Northwest Indiana in 1977, then later opened a location in Lowell in 1994. Since that time, the company has grown to become Lowell’s favorite pizza shop and a prominent supporter of many local organizations through sponsorships, partnerships, donations, and catering. The restaurant has also been a great source of jobs, particularly among young people starting out their working lives.

In their teenage years, both Butor and Glines worked for Loven Oven – in fact, that’s where the two first met. Butor eventually went on to manage the restaurant and oversee many of its operations. Over the years, the couple has remained close with the restaurant’s previous owners and were a natural fit to lead the next chapter of the company’s future.

“Lowell is our home and we’re proud to remain active in the community,” Butor said. “Our business is connected to a lot of happy memories and new beginnings for many people – my fiancé and I even met while working here a decade ago. And there are so many other great stories like ours connected to Loven Oven. We’re going to be honoring this tradition by continuing to deliver great service for our customers and strong support for local activities.”

Over the next several months, several new menu additions will be coming to Loven Oven. The current menu items that customers know and love will remain as well.

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