Law Enforcement Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Training Structure

Law Enforcement Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Training Structure

Law Enforcement leaders will break ground on one of the most versatile and adaptive training structures in the history of northwest Indiana. Since the Fall of 2018, a committee comprised of police officers specialized in patrol, K9, SWAT, and others have gathered to identify the training and infrastructure needs of area departments. Through these efforts, the team has designed a state-of-the-art 4,200-square-foot building.

The Law Enforcement Tactical Training Structure is comprised of a pre-built steel structure large enough to contain a wood frame structure built to withstand the daily usage of Law Enforcement training. The wood frame structure is a two-story building with multiple doorways throughout the structure allowing for those doorways to be filled with “wall blanks” or “door blanks” making the building adaptable in providing multiple configurations of rooms and entry points. This also allows the structure to be broken down into different smaller portions for scenarios based trainings to be done at the same time.

3D Renderings and Video, click here.

“Our commitment to support first responders requires ongoing collaboration and infrastructure improvements on the MAAC training campus. We’re appreciative of the efforts that have taken place to make this happen and we’re proud of the men and women who have chosen to serve in this noble profession,” stated Chief Stewart G. McMillan.

The ground breaking ceremony will be held on:

Friday, May 3rd at 10:00 AM
The MAAC Emergency Services Training Campus
4203 Montdale Park Drive
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383

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