Job Site Safety Announces New Office Location

Job Site Safety Announces New Office Location

Contributed by Job-Site Safety, Ltd.

Like most businesses, our company began with a vision: to have hazard-free work sites by providing specially trained and skilled personnel who could uphold safety standards and/or perform rescue operations. While we were established in 2006, in 2009 we started to do business as Job-Site Safety. Then in 2015, we announced our desire to continue growing our vision and goals and offer our clients a broader array of services, which resulted in the acquisition of Inspection Services. Now we can offer our clients confined space rescue services, safety personnel, construction management, and QA/QC inspection services.

Since 2006 to today, the company has grown leaps and bounds, especially in recent years. Despite our growth, we’re thrilled every time we are recognized by organizations like the Northwest Indiana Business Roundtable as a company that’s committed to excellence. Each year, the Northwest Indiana Business Round Table (NWIBRT) and the Construction Advancement Foundation (CAF) host and honor examples of the capabilities of the NWI construction industry and their commitment to safety and excellence. This is considered by many to be an outstanding recognition with regard to the region’s industrial, commercial and public works projects. The NWIBRT awards concentrate on safety performance and companies’ commitments to protecting workers on jobsites. This year Job-Site Safety was awarded the NWIBRT Excellence Award as well as the Lifesaver Award to one of our employees for his life-saving performance onsite!

This type of recognition has strengthened our brand and helped solidify business relationships with clients. Thanks to their trust in us, between 2015 and 2016, our revenues grew exceedingly, making us one of the fastest growing private companies in the area.  However, nothing is more exciting than the endorsement and trusted business from our clients. This past year’s growth has taken our expansion strategies into unchartered territories, especially as it pertains to rescue, and has allowed us to expand our business reach by adding more offices, warehouses, and training facilities in strategic locations that enable us to better serve our clients.  We are proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth in the Bay City, MI, area, we opened a new location this month!

This new office location will allow us to offer even better and more efficient service for our clients in that area. We will continue to be headquartered in Michigan City, IN, however, this new location will also include a training facility. Our first training class is scheduled to take place in the next few weeks. Additionally, we will be recruiting more qualified personnel in that area so please send in your referrals to