Jeffersonville Tech Center Goes 100% Solar

Jeffersonville Tech Center Goes 100% Solar

Taxspeaker and Sherwood Investments, LLC are closing out 2020 on a bright note, thanks to a visionary investment in solar power installation. The new 100% solar power has been activated in the 25,000 square foot Jeffersonville Tech Center, located in Jeffersonville.

One of Jeffersonville and the Jeffersonville Commons Area’s largest office buildings, anything that happens here is locally owned by Jeffersonville residents; a glowing step into the future for the whole community. In fact, Jeffersonville’s very own solar experts Star Solar Specialists are responsible for making this solar installation possible.

Ryan Jennings, Taxspeaker’s Vice President and Sherwood Investments’ President, champions the installation as it culminates in a long-anticipated dream: energy independence. The Tech Center’s shift to solar power feels like an exciting next step coupled with the electric vehicle charging station, as Jeffersonville continues to lean into using clean, revitalized energy. This now brings Jeffersonville full-throttle to the forefront of midwestern green energy — all of which has been achieved by pooling forces from local companies.

The installation leverages Indiana’s net metering system, generating 100% of the colossal building’s electricity needs, selling any excess energy production back into the Duke Energy electric grid. Not a single ounce of energy is lost. Taxspeaker, one of Jeffersonville’s hidden technology companies, is the Tech Center’s primary occupant. The business operates four video production studios for webinars and video recording, training facilities, and fulfillment centers for income tax experts.

Jennings notes Taxspeaker is passionate about investing in the future of training for the internet, with the company likewise operating a number of virtual currency mining rigs inside the building. The Jeffersonville Tech Center utilizes an incredible 1 GB fiber optic line to annually provide television-quality video webinars, reaching over 25,000 independent U.S. tax professionals.

Now that Taxspeaker’s resources are gaining access to resilient, renewable energy, the installation frees up resources to research state-of-the-art technological applications. It’s a tremendous opportunity for Taxspeaker to continue to trailblaze innovation in the educational consulting field. “This step forward in energy technology parallels our technological advancements in webcast training,” asserts Jennings.

This is just the beginning as Taxspeaker fearlessly adapts to meet today’s dynamic digital revolution. Taxspeaker’s triumphs are good for Jeffersonville, as this cutting-edge technological training company uplifts its community in its race towards the future.

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