It’s Not a Motto. It’s a Mission.

It’s Not a Motto. It’s a Mission.

By Eric Holcomb, Governor, State of Indiana

In Indiana, our status as the Crossroads of America is not just a motto; it’s a mission. That’s why we created a long-term, sustainable, and fully funded infrastructure plan we call Next Level Roads. As a result of this plan, $60 billion will be invested to state infrastructure projects throughout Indiana over the next 20 years. The Hoosier state now has the ability to maintain what we have, finish what we’ve started, and is prepared to address future transportation needs. Since 2017 alone, state road investment is up 50% as we’ve invested $3 billion in road and bridge projects in all corners of Indiana. These are some of the reasons why CNBC recently recognized Indiana as having the best state infrastructure in the nation.

In fact, we’re building out our roads, bridges, rail, trails, airports, water ports, and broadband capacity like never before. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is taking on a record number of projects each year to improve the conditions and safety of our state highway system. We’ll also finish the section of Interstate 69 between Martinsville to Indianapolis three years ahead of schedule at the same time we’re adding more nonstop flights to and from our statewide network of airports to increase our connectivity with commerce hubs around the world. We’re investing in rural broadband capacity to bridge the digital divide in our state, realizing billions of dollars in currently untapped economic potential.

To make all these programs work, we’re engaging with local stakeholders to develop these plans. INDOT has forged partnerships with cities and counties throughout Indiana to improve local roads at an unprecedented level. Since 2017, the state has invested more than $1 billion in matching funds for local projects through innovative programs like Community Crossings and Local Trax. These matching grants ensure that local entities have skin in the game and accelerate the completion of local projects that would otherwise take decades, if done at all.

These programs and projects are only possible because of the sound fiscal management that has been Indiana’s calling card for the last 15 years. Our budgets are balanced, and we have a healthy rainy day fund and AAA credit ratings. Our tax and regulatory burdens are low and predictable, and we have the most efficient and transparent state government in the United States. We take seriously our job of serving as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Now, this all may sound like a governor bragging about his state, and that’s because, frankly, it is. But only a sad dog doesn’t wag his own tail. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. More than just moving goods and people from A to B, this 21st-century infrastructure provides quick connectivity, spurs economic development and enhances the quality of life in all regions of our state.

Of course, these large-scale enhancements to our state’s roads and bridges will lead to some lane closures, detours and slowed traffic through construction zones. While these short-term delays can cause temporary frustrations for Hoosier motorists, they are also signs of progress being made to make our roads safer, cleaner and swifter. I encourage all drivers to slow down, avoid distractions and proceed with caution through all construction zones. Paying attention and following the law helps to make sure motorists and work crews go home safely and the projects proceed without delay.

This kind of long-term planning and construction strategy described above takes an All-Star team to make a reality. From INDOT to public safety officials to our local partners and to the constructions crews pouring the concrete and asphalt, we’re experiencing teamwork like never before.

In Indiana, we took a bold approach to fully fund our long-term infrastructure needs and you’re now seeing progress made mile by mile in all corners of the state. Thank you for driving safely.

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