IPL Plans to Retire Two Coal-Fired Units

IPL Plans to Retire Two Coal-Fired Units

Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) leaders presented a pathway during a recent public advisory meeting that modifies its electric generation strategy through a forecast spanning 20 years. Stakeholders and meeting attendees reviewed IPL’s preferred portfolio as part of the IRP planning process overseen by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC).

IPL officials informed stakeholders its preferred resource plan retires two of the four units at its Petersburg Generating Station. IPL intends to file its IRP with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission; as a result of the formal filing and need for replacement capacity, a third party will issue an all-source request for proposals on IPL’s behalf.

“The integrated resource planning process is an opportunity for IPL leaders to listen, learn, inform and engage with our customers and key stakeholders regarding future energy demand,” said Vince Parisi, IPL president and CEO. “We used key drivers such as economics, flexibility, optionality and grid reliability to model scenarios supporting our decision to invest in a more balanced energy mix, which minimizes risk to our customers and takes into account a rapidly-changing energy landscape.”

The IURC requires utilities conduct an IRP planning process every three years and considers various generation resource scenarios to best serve approximately 500,000 existing and future customers. As part of the process, IPL held numerous public meetings that helped inform how to deliver safe and reliable electricity at cost-effective rates while mitigating immediate impact to our people and the Petersburg community.

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