Indiana Rail Road Launches Intermodal Expansion

Indiana Rail Road Launches Intermodal Expansion

The Indiana Rail Road (INRD) has commenced work on Phase I of its Intermodal Expansion project, a three-part initiative with an expected completion date in 2023. INRD recently acquired an additional 12 acres of land adjacent to the current lot that will more than double the existing container yard footprint, allow a generous amount of incremental container parking capacity and flexibility, and include an onsite chassis depot.

The initial phase involves ground preparation, installation of concrete inbound-outbound traffic lanes with an innovative kiosk gate system for expedited handling. Phase II and III will complete the high security fencing, establish rear access service roads, installation of low energy consumption lighting, and construction of two new loading pad tracks to further improve efficiencies.

INRD’s Senate Avenue Intermodal Terminal opened in 2013 and moved 1,450 containers in its first year. This year, the terminal is projected to move over 40,000 containers and recently began a new grain export operation with International Feed. As we continue to see aggressive growth each year, INRD is positioning itself to accommodate even more growth offering quality service with our Class I partners.

“The launch of this project represents the entrepreneurial thinking of our management team. Bob Babcock, SVP Operations, and Dan Corcoran, Manager Intermodal Business Development, have done a tremendous job in establishing the value and growing this business with our Class I partners.” said Dewayne Swindall, President and CEO of The Indiana Rail Road.

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