Indiana Fiber Network Contracts with Whitley County, Expanding Broadband

Indiana Fiber Network Contracts with Whitley County, Expanding Broadband

Indiana Fiber Network, LLC (IFN), a leading fiber-based service provider, announces a contract with the Whitley County Commissioners to augment its network to serve the Park 30 Business Center and additional businesses along the U.S. Highway 30 corridor.

In addition, IFN will construct the necessary facilities in and around the Park 30 Business Center to properly service area businesses along the fiber route with low-cost, high-bandwidth Internet service. The company will also offer promotional pricing to these businesses. Once IFN has extended its fiber facilities into a business, the company can offer carrier-agnostic connectivity.

“High speed fiber optics are redefining the way Hoosiers work, play, collaborate and communicate in today’s global economy,” said Jim Turner, CEO of Indiana Fiber Network. “Our fiber backbone extends from Fort Wayne through the Columbia City metro area and continues on to Warsaw, connecting dozens of businesses to our state and nationwide network. We look forward to the opportunities increased bandwidth and fiber communication options will bring to Whitley County.”

The Park 30 Business Center is a business and industrial park developed by electric utility company Northeastern Rural Electric Membership Corporation (NREMC). Park 30 is a shovel ready industrial park which includes full underground utility infrastructure and transportation connections which will now include access to Indiana Fiber Network’s fiber-optic cable network.

“We have come to realize that for businesses to flourish in Whitley County, broadband internet infrastructure is just as important as other services like water, sewer and roads,” said George Schrumpf, President of the Whitley County Commissioners. “Expanding the county’s fiber footprint will grow the businesses all along the US 30 corridor. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with IFN on this project and we are hopeful that its success will spur additional projects to roll out this vital service across the county.”

IFN anticipates the fiber-optic facilities will be complete in July 2018, allowing IFN to expand the fiber construction directly to businesses along the fiber route.

“Fiber has higher bandwidth capacity and uses less energy than copper facilities,” said IFN Director of Business Development Rob Ramsey. “More bandwidth and less electricity save businesses money, particularly in today’s world where businesses transmit large amounts of data, as fiber optics are ideally suited for those applications.”

IFN provides fiber broadband service via more than 4,500 route miles of fiber transport and connects more than 4,000 buildings in Indiana.

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