How Does A Company Become a “Best Place to Work?”

How Does A Company Become a “Best Place to Work?”

Most companies in Indiana are likely not “best places to work,” but that’s something they’ll need to change if they want to stay competitive. Job seekers in today’s market get to be choosy. Lots of companies are looking for talent and lots of employees are taking a close look at their companies.

Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather work for a company that tries to be a “best place to work” over one that doesn’t?

Caught up in the bustle of the day’s activities, many business owners probably feel like making big cultural changes about their companies is a far-fetched idea – or an expensive one. This got us curious about what it actually takes to reach that “best place” status. How do companies do it?

To learn more, we reached out to the experts in this arena. Salesforce, an Indianapolis-based CRM platform, has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to work by national sources like Fortune, Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn, and state sources like the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, IndyStar, and others. Representatives from the company provided answers to some of our biggest questions about how companies can improve, build employee satisfaction, and become more attractive to talent.



BUILDING INDIANA BUSINESS: What are some practical tips for becoming a ‘best place to work?’ (For any type of company or industry)

SALESFORCE: Culture is our greatest competitive advantage – it engages our people, drives the creation of our innovative products, and ultimately helps our customers succeed. Our culture is centered around our four core values of trust, customer success, innovation, and equality, which we live by everyday, both inside and outside the company. Culture is not about ping pong tables and snacks, it’s about meaningful work, purpose and belonging, which we cultivate through transparency in our business processes, our 1-1-1 philanthropic model, and initiatives on wellbeing and equality.

Here are a few tips for other companies working to build their reputation as a great place to work:

  • Use technology to scale culture and transform the employee engagement experience: A great culture isn’t enough to meet the expectations of employees living in a social, mobile, smart, and connected world. Companies need the right tools in place to engage their workforce.
  • Prioritize transparency: Corporate transparency has never been greater. Companies are experiencing an unparalleled level of it thanks to Glassdoor and other social platforms. No one can hide from an unhealthy and poor culture. At Salesforce, we know that transparency is the foundation of trust, and trust is the foundation of a great workplace culture. One example of how we create a culture of trust and transparency is through our V2MOM. It’s our business plan for the year and stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, and Measures. Each and every employee develops a V2MOM and shares it companywide. It’s one of the many processes that other companies can adopt to be more transparent.
  • Focus on our employee wellbeing: Invest in benefits and programs to keep your employees and their families happy and healthy, so they can bring their best selves to work every day. At Salesforce, for example, we have a wellness reimbursement program, flexible time off and 7 paid days of volunteer time off per year.



BUILDING INDIANA BUSINESS: What type of company culture is needed for those tips to succeed?

SALESFORCE: Culture is an ongoing investment, and one of the easiest ways to maintain and innovate culture is through active listening. We provide our employees with a safe space in which they can express themselves openly, which helps inform our direction and priorities. For example, we took a stand against discriminatory legislation in Indiana after hearing concerns from our employees. This commitment to maintaining an open dialogue and listening to employee feedback helps companies grow and evolve.



BUILDING INDIANA BUSINESS: Once a company becomes a great place to work, what type of “maintenance” should be done to stay that way over the long term?

SALESFORCE: [We] use people analytics to understand and enhance the employee experience. An integral part of this strategy is the company’s employee survey, conducted twice a year, which measures employee engagement, the health of the culture, and how Salesforce is living up to its mission to be a great place to work. To take it a step further, our survey results are then published and available to all employees. This holds leaders accountable and informs conversations that lead to action in the areas that matter most — at all levels of the business.



Any Company, Any Industry

Practically speaking, almost any type of business operation can put these tips into practice and start becoming a “best place to work,” and there’s every reason to do so. Happier employees lead to stronger and more profitable companies and help market your business as a place that job seekers want to consider. Start making changes in your company today, and you’ll see results before long.