Funding Bulletins

Funding Bulletins

Indiana companies and entrepreneurs have been getting paid over the last few months. Several multi-million-dollar funding rounds have come through for companies throughout the state. Each has their own unique plans for their new funds and have launched interesting projects.

We’ve assembled a rapid-fire look at many of the big hookups so you can catch up on all the big investments.

Quick FYI – Funding Levels Explained

  • Seed/Angel = Early idea stage
  • Series A = First round of venture capital funding
  • Series B = Scaling up market share
  • Series C = Successful firms expand


Tall Drink o’ Water – $7M –

120WaterAudit, a water testing software platform, received $7M in Series A funding from HG Ventures, Allos Ventures, and Greenhouse Capital Partners. Funds will be used to enhance the company’s digital drinking water testing platforms, and rapidly expand sales and marketing.


Wireless Power? How Shocking! – $1M –

IU Ventures and the IU Philanthropic Venture Fund made an investment of $1M in syndicated Series C fundraising round for Chicago-based NuCurrent Inc. Funds will be used to accelerate NuCurrent’s growth in the emerging wireless power industry.


Untapped Talent – $7.8M –

Kenzie Academy, a provider of job-focused tech training, received $7.8M in Series A funding, led by ReThink Education along with several other investors. The funds will be used to train untapped tech talent in the American heartland.


Living Manufacturing – $5M –

Sexton Biotechnologies announced it has raised $5M in growth capital from investors including BioLife SolutionsCasdin CapitalBioCrossroads and Cook Regentec. The company plans to continue building on its platform to bring novel solutions to cell and gene therapy manufacturing operations and accelerate process development.


SaaS Spotlight – $22.5M –

Zylo, a SaaS Management firm, announced the completion of a $22.5M Series B funding round led by Menlo Ventures with several other repeat investors. Funds will be used to significantly grow the company’s workforce across all areas of the business, including engineering and data science roles.


Engaging Infusion – $10M –

Edify Labs, customer engagement and cross-team collaboration software company, closed a $10M round of seed funding led by San Francisco-based First Round Capital. The funding will be used to expand Edify’s market presence and continue building the company’s teams.


In Demand – $5.5M –

DemandJump, a marketing platform developer, raised Series A2 funding of $5.5M led by venture investment firm BIP Capital. The company plans to use the additional funding to continue to expand their product, engineering, sales and marketing teams.


Fortunate Events – $6M –

Socio, an event management platform, received $6M in Series A funding from High Alpha Capital. The funding will largely support two goals: growing the company’s teams and developing new products to help customers put on conferences and trade shows.


Funds that Care – $330K –

SafeKeeping, a platform for long-term care providers and caregivers, secured $330K in seed funding led by Solidea Capital in New York, among others. The funds will allow the company to expand offerings, support additional long-term care facilities, and meet urgent industry demands.


Injury-Preventing Investment – $2M –

Anvl, a safety software company, completed a $2M seed funding round with Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, High Alpha Capital, and others. Anvl will use the funds to grow its platform and add hires in sales, services, engineering and marketing.


Uptick for Big Tickets – $6M –

PERQ, a marketing technology company, closed a $6M Series A funding round from several Midwest technology leaders led by Poplar Ventures L.P. in Louisville, KY. The funds will support the continued growth of the company’s artificial intelligence-driven marketing cloud for big-ticket retailers.


Direction for Directors – $1M –

Boardable, a board of directors management platform, announced the completion of a $1M seed round from High Alpha Capital. Boardable plans to invest the funding into doubling its full-time employees at the company by the end of 2019.


Conversing with Robots – $700K –, voice solutions-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform, raised $700K in seed funding led by The Angel Roundtable (ART) with participation from Elevate Ventures. The funding will allow the company to increase marketing, grow its sales team, and move forward on patents.


Scaling Up – $15M –

Emplify, an employee engagement improvement company, announced a $15M investment led by growth equity investor Edison Partners. The company plans to reinvest the funds back into its core product and service innovation and into expanding its sales and marketing teams to drive future growth.


Cutting Hospital Costs – $2M –

Curvo Labs, Inc., a healthcare supply chain and sourcing technology firm, closed on a $2M Series A funding round led by Snake Run Capital and Elevate Ventures. The company will use the funds to expand the leadership team and further develop product offerings.


Much, Much More

These are just a sample of all the latest major capital deals secured by Indiana companies. Be sure to check out our Business Buzz and Finance sections for new updates as they emerge.

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