Flexible Packaging Maker Announces $5M Expansion in Plymouth

Flexible Packaging Maker Announces $5M Expansion in Plymouth

Bomarko, Inc., a global leader in the flexible packaging products industry, will be investing $5 million to expand their business in Plymouth. This plan is expected to solidify their presence in the community. The capital investment will include an estimated $2 million in building improvements and $3 million in new equipment, creating 20 jobs and growing the local economy.

According to Jennifer Hewitt, Bomarko Controller, “We are excited about this project and the growth opportunity it provides for Bomarko. As a long-standing business in Plymouth, we look forward to a continuing investment in our employees, local economy, and community.”

This expansion is supported by a 10-year 100%, real and personal property tax abatement. The abatement was approved by the Plymouth City Council following a public hearing on October 22nd. This hearing was the second step in the tax abatement process. The first step took place on October 8th when the Council passed a resolution designating the facility as an economic revitalization area.

Bomarko is a food and medical grade flexible packaging company which creates innovative packaging for a variety of products ranging from ice cream sandwiches to adhesive bandages. The expansion includes a manufacturing building addition on its existing property of at least 20,000 square feet and a new printing press to improve capabilities and market opportunities.

Bomarko was founded in Plymouth in 1963 and originally manufactured wax paper used to separate hamburger patties. Since then, the company has grown to serve the confectionary business, food processing industry, and medical community. Their production capabilities include a variety of coatings, printing, and laminating—all of which make Bomarko a complete packaging and coating supplier.

Bomarko currently employs 120 people with an average wage of $27 per hour and a 31% benefit package; this expansion will create more jobs and increase production.

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