Film It. Share It. Profit. – Seven Tips to Start Adding Video Content

Film It. Share It. Profit. – Seven Tips to Start Adding Video Content

There are a lot of reasons why companies should be adding video content these days. Marketing experts say it’s a great investment for things like generating sales leads, informing your audience, and building brand awareness. But one of the key things about video that often gets overlooked is how challenging it can be for certain firms to create content.

Every company is going to have unique circumstances regarding video, which gives marketers both a hurdle and an opportunity. While it can be daunting to build your own tailored engagement strategy, it is also a chance to create one-of-a-kind content specific to your company.

To help folks get started, we’ve compiled some handy tips for adding video for your business.


  1. Know Your Audience

Various audiences have varying interests. So before you set about determining what you’re going to include in your videos, it’s important to first understand the interests of the people you’re trying to reach. Ask your customers what content they like to view, what they’d like to see from your company, or perhaps conduct a simple survey.


  1. Align Tone with Goals

Once you know a bit about your audience, you can structure the tone and direction of your videos to both align with viewer preferences and achieve your company’s specific goals.

For example, a series of how-to videos on how to use a new product could be a great way to inform your audience about its features. Depending on your target demographics, the video’s tone could be adjusted to be more jovial or more serious based on who you’re trying to reach. When you make an effort to keep your content strategy focused and aligned, your videos will drive better results.


  1. Equipment and Editing

Companies don’t really need a lot of expensive equipment to make effective video content. In fact, in many cases modern mobile phones will suffice due to their increasingly powerful cameras. Most devices also have editing software that is relatively simple to learn how to use.

A marketer doesn’t have to be Steven Spielberg. There is a very strong demand for authenticity among brands, which actually makes overproduction a bad thing in most cases. Viewers want things to be more real, and they want companies to be more honest about themselves.


  1. Choose Your Star

The individuals you select to be shown in your videos don’t have to be professional actors. It’s actually better they’re not, because ordinary people at your company would be more authentic. Choose someone that is charming or charismatic and is also able to clearly convey your intended message to audiences. Be sure your performer fully understands the tone and goals that you’re working toward.


  1. Offer Something

To build the most effective engagement with viewers, your videos should offer something. It could be humor, or an inspirational story, something instructive or educational, or many other options as long as it provides something of value to the viewer. This will help you create stronger content to serve your business.


  1. Prior to Uploading

Before you post your videos online, there are a few extra things to consider. It’s highly recommended that you make your video more accessible to all audiences by including a transcript of the content. This helps greatly when matching viewer preferences, and also increases your SEO (search engine optimization) for the video by giving search engines more material they can utilize. It would also be advisable to take additional steps to improve your video’s SEO by following best practices like using accurate keywords in the description and developing high quality content that is clear, edited, and relevant to the topic at hand. All of this will increase visibility for your video.


  1. A Campaign to Share

The work doesn’t end with the upload. Smart companies build a campaign to share the video across multiple channels and work to actively promote viewership. Some companies choose to make teasers, often in the form of very short videos or GIFs. These are easily reshared and should point back to your video to get the maximum number of eyes on your company’s content.


Hope to See More of You

Although it might be a new endeavor for many companies, videos can be a valuable addition for any brand. The more eyes on your content, the more your company can stay relevant in the minds of your audience and build positive customer engagement. It’s easy to get started and you’ve got a lot to gain.

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