Cummins Teams with Battery Innovation Center

Cummins Teams with Battery Innovation Center

Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) is leveraging Indiana’s own resources and expertise to help make the state a hotspot for electrified power systems. Cummins has partnered with the Battery Innovation Center (BIC) in southwest Indiana to receive support in the testing and validation of its next generation battery systems and customized training for its workforce.

Over the last year, Cummins has made a number of investments, acquisitions, and announcements as it continues to bring its customers a diversified portfolio of power solutions, which now includes hybrid and fully electric systems. Acquisition of key battery expertise spans from Oregon to the United Kingdom, as well as the opening of the company’s first Silicon Valley hub for electrified power system development and prototyping.

“Building and supporting our full range of electric storage capability globally would not have been possible without BIC’s dedication to helping train our employees, as well as validate and test our battery systems, in Cummins’ headquarters state of Indiana,” said Julie Furber, Executive Director – Electrified Power. “By partnering with BIC, we have tapped into its deep expertise and battery testing infrastructure. Our partnership has not only accelerated the launch of Cummins’ new electrified power portfolio, but is also nurturing Indiana’s electrification ecosystem. Together, we are developing processes, systems and ideas that may lead to critical technologies of tomorrow.”

The BIC partnered with Cummins over the last 18 months to serve an important role in testing and validating its new technologies – from battery management systems, battery pack development, product testing and safety testing. The Cummins prototype teams utilize the BIC’s facility in Westgate Technology Park @ Crane and leverage their engineering expertise for electrified powertrains.

In addition to hands-on technical development and testing, BIC also supports the talent development and acquisition strategy for Cummins. BIC has customized their existing multi-day Energy Storage Short Course, which is Continued Education Unit (CEU)-accredited, to fit the specialized needs of Cummins employees. Currently, there are more than 1,000 Cummins team members who are in the process of completing BIC courses on topics ranging from advanced energy storage technology and chemistry, to implementation and safety.

“The courses we’ve developed have been geared toward a broad range of skillsets – leadership, engineers, technicians, regulatory personnel – with the ultimate goal of reaching all employees with this specialized training,” said Ben Wrightsman, President and CEO of the Battery Innovation Center and executive vice president of Energy Systems Network. “It’s also allowed us to expand our reach to higher education in order to create a better talent development pipeline for Cummins through partnerships with Vincennes University, Electude, and Purdue University on energy storage curriculum.”

The partnership between the organizations also extends to their facilities services, conducting safety analyses of current Cummins facilities for the ramp up of these technologies along with future planned or newly acquired facilities.

“As we look ahead, electrification innovation will continue to rapidly evolve. Embracing and enabling these trends is at the forefront of Cummins’ strategy,” said Furber. “We are grateful to have a partner like the BIC that we can rely on to help us harness and lead in these future technologies, which are designed by some of the world’s smartest and most innovative geniuses – Hoosiers. It’s exciting that together, we are putting Indiana on the map as a hotspot for electric talent and innovation.”

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