Crown Point Firm Supplying COVID Rapid Tests to Businesses

Crown Point Firm Supplying COVID Rapid Tests to Businesses

With the current intense demand for rapid COVID testing and lengthy wait times, businesses around the country are experiencing numerous lost hours of productivity. Based on current averages, it can take half a workday or more for an employee to receive testing. This puts companies in a bind and leads to staffing shortages, uncertainty about exposures, and loss of revenue.

In order for employers to keep their operations running smoothly, in-house rapid testing capability has become a highly sought-after option. However, many firms have encountered purchase limits that have prevented them from acquiring enough testing kits for their entire staff.

Crown Point, IN-based Diversified Marketing Strategies (DMS) is one company that has recently begun supplying bulk testing kits to companies throughout the Midwest region. The company has been offering the On/Go Rapid COVID-19 Self Test, as well as other testing kids from Abbott, FlowFlex, CareStart, iHealth and Indicad.

“We started hearing from many large area employers about major workflow disruptions that were arising from testing needs – in addition to those caused by actual infections. Having rapid tests on hand alleviates many of these problems. Businesses can save a lot of time and money by testing in-house. They’ll get results quicker, more conveniently, and they’ll change hours-long absences into just a 15-minute test,” said Andrea Pearman, president of DMS.

The On/Go Rapid COVID-19 Self Test utilizes a mobile app to access and share results for businesses. This can also help employers identify who has been in contact with a potentially infected employee so they can curb the spread of COVID in their businesses.

The test is FDA authorized for non-prescription home use with self-collected direct anterior nasal swab samples from individuals aged 14 years or older or adult collected anterior nasal swab samples from individuals aged 2 years or older. The kits provide qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens from individuals with or without symptoms when tested twice over two or three days with at least 24 hours and not more than 48 hours between tests.

For more information on bulk testing kit availability, officials at DMS can be reached at (219) 226-0300. Note, there will be a 5-to-10-day turnaround time for businesses wishing to acquire tests.

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