COVID-19 Manufacturing Resource Page

COVID-19 Manufacturing Resource Page

A new manufacturing resource page is available. With the global spread of COVID-19, the Purdue University Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is providing educational guides and direct support to help manufacturing companies plan, prepare, protect, and recover their operations. As the virus continues to make its way across the globe, it is a good time to assess the potential risks for your organization here in Indiana.

For the complete manufacturing resource page, click here.

Purdue MEP officials said, “The Coronavirus continues to make its way across the globe. As many of us are trying to keep an eye on the impact, it is a good time to think through potential risks for you and your organization here in Indiana. We owe it to our customers, employees, and communities to ensure health and safety in our business practices.”

Additionally, Purdue MEP has created a forum for manufacturing companies to engage one another on topics pertaining to COVID-19. Specifically, how it’s affecting companies and the measures being taken to continue operations while ensuring the health and safety of employees. The intent is for this platform to serve as a means for sharing innovative practices and policies.

The organization also suggested that manufacturers can contact them for help preparing manufacturing businesses for the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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