Architects/Engineers – What’s the Coolest Project You’ve Worked on Lately?

Architects/Engineers – What’s the Coolest Project You’ve Worked on Lately?

Building Indiana Business is putting out an open call to all Hoosier architecture and engineering firms. We’re gathering input for an upcoming article, and we want to know all about the coolest project your company has worked on over the last five years.

Do you have an interesting project that you’d like to see featured in our article? Participating is free and super easy. Here are the requirements:

  • Project must be fairly recent. Less than five years old.
  • Your company must be based in Indiana or have a large presence in the state.
  • The project is not required to be located in Indiana. It can be located anywhere.
  • Submissions are not limited by market. They can be residential, industrial, commercial, or other.
  • We just want to learn more about the work that you’re most excited about, or that is the most interesting.

All submitted projects will be considered for our article. Selections will be made by our editorial team based on uniqueness and available space in the article. Our intent is to include as many projects as we can, with enough detail to describe each project’s most interesting features.

There are no costs to participate. Simply fill out the form below with your project details. The deadline for submissions scheduled for March 1, 2022. Our intent is to include this article in one of our spring or summer 2022 issues.


Coolest Architecture Projects

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