Coolest AE Projects: Muncie Sanitary District Maintenance Facility

Coolest AE Projects: Muncie Sanitary District Maintenance Facility

Indiana architects and engineers have a ton of cool projects going on, but we wanted to hear about the ones that got them most excited. So, we put out the call to firms throughout the state for their input on the coolest architecture and engineering projects that have taken place in the last few years.

No requirements in terms of project cost, scale, location, or industry. We simply wanted the experts to tell us about the most exciting and interesting projects they’ve recently worked on. Their responses did not disappoint. Check out what Crowley Engineering shared with us:


Image from Crowley Engineering.

New Maintenance Facility for Muncie Sanitary District

Construction Partners:

Until moving into its new facility in Fall 2021, the Muncie Sanitation Department was located in a 90+ year old structure that was in need of excessive repairs, located in a 100-year flood plain, and not equipped to properly ventilate exhaust from compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks.

Based on the company’s experience in performing design and advisory services for alternative fuel vehicle projects throughout the country, Crowley Engineering LLC was selected to participate in a design-build role for this project.

The new MSD maintenance garage is a 34,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility with offices, a six-bay vehicle maintenance garage, and a 31-vehicle indoor parking garage. Both indoor vehicle parking and repair areas are equipped with gas monitoring systems for detection of toxic (CO and NO2) and methane (CNG) gas emissions. The facility also has gas emission response protocols installed that can activate outside air ventilation based on severity.

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