Contractor Provides Rapid COVID-19 Response

Contractor Provides Rapid COVID-19 Response

Michigan City-based Tonn & Blank Construction released a new report about the ways it is helping in the fight against COVID-19. The contractor has rapidly made changes to its normal operations to help healthcare experts and first responders safely treat patients.

“Our resources have enabled us to be part of the solution and provide quick response to Franciscan Health. We’ve moved quickly from preparedness to action in a matter of days to help fight against this public health crisis,” company officials said.

Key details from the report described several of the following steps the company has recently taken, including:

Temporary Triage Facilities

The TTF’s include infection control systems, finishes and seating for patients at the recommended 6’ spacing. The TTF’s have controlled access points and designated paths for patients to return to their car or to another facility dependent on the level of care required.

Strategically locating the TTF’s outside of the facility’s Emergency Department provides controlled and rapid triage screenings in an expeditious and safe manner. These facilities are being built in roughly five days.

Converting to Isolation Rooms

Tonn and Blank is working on converting standard patient rooms to negative air rooms to prepare for the influx of COVID-19 patients. Our team is fabricating plywood window inserts, installing an exhaust fan, and building a melamine box was built around the box. The rooms are tested to verify negative air.

Face Shields

Tonn and Blank has produced 1,000 face shields from a prototype created by John Hopkins Hospital. Tonn and Blank will work with furloughed Omni Fitness Center staff and Tonn and Blank superintendents to produce roughly 10,000 shields a week.

Safety Glasses

To address the increasing concern of available PPE for Franciscan’s medical staff, Tonn and Blank’s sheet metal shop created a prototype for safety glasses. The frame will be made by Tonn and Blank, and a custom die head will be fabricated which will allow for the lens to be stamped out. Tonn and Blank can produce 1,000 of these glasses a week, if needed.

UV Sterilization Robot

Tonn and Blank developed a UV sterilization robot which can be utilized to sterilize N95 masks so they can be reused safely. It was designed with safety controls to prevent UV exposures to humans. A Wi-Fi connected tablet controls the robot, as well as measures and records amount of UV delivered in order to ensure proper sterilization.

Hand Sanitizer and Masks

Through our contacts, Tonn and Blank has secured 160,000 surgical masks and two pallets of hand sanitizer for Franciscan’s use. Tonn and Blank coordinated pick up and delivery. We’ve also purchased a hand sanitizer from Journeyman Distillery which will be used on Tonn and Blank jobsites thereby preserving the hospitals’ supplies.

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