Congress Approves Mrvan Projects, $45M

Congress Approves Mrvan Projects, $45M

Rep. Frank J. Mrvan announced that all ten of his Community Project Funding requests, totaling over $45 million in investments, were included in the final version of Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations legislation.

On March 9, 2022, the House approved the appropriations package, and on March 10, 2022, the Senate approved the legislation, including Congressman Mrvan’s requests, by a vote of 68 to 31.  The measure is now sent to President Biden to be signed into law.

Congressman Mrvan stated, “I remain grateful that Congress established a transparent process to include eligible projects in appropriations legislation.  Congress has a constitutional obligation to represent the needs of their districts.  I was grateful to work in collaboration with state, local, and nonprofit entities to identify the importance of these requests and fulfill this constitutional obligation.  Their inclusion promotes the re-opening of our economy and improves Northwest Indiana’s position to grow with more good-paying jobs opportunities for everyone.”

For additional information on the appropriations measures, click here, and for additional information on Congressman Mrvan’s requests, click here.

Congressman Mrvan’s projects included in the legislation are specified below:


$10,000,000 – Environmental Infrastructure – Calumet Region 

Funding allocated for Environmental Infrastructure – Calumet Region enhances the partnerships between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the communities in Lake and Porter Counties to address critical water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater sewer infrastructure improvements designed to alleviate deteriorated conditions, increase the efficacy of existing systems, and improve water quality impacts.


$18,395,000 – Confined Disposal Facility – Indiana Harbor

Funding allocated supports the planned Phase II construction of the Indiana Harbor Confined Disposal Facility (CDF), which contains the backlog and annual maintenance navigational dredging.


$1,561,000 – Burns Waterway Harbor

Funding for Burns Waterway Harbor will support the operation and maintenance of existing structures in the federal harbor, including dredging the harbor and stone placement along the breakwater.  Burns Waterway Harbor facilitates $233.9 million in business revenue and 949 direct jobs, and the commodities handled through the harbor support $15 billion in business revenue and 81,076 jobs.


$8,196,000 – Indiana Harbor

Funding will support operations and maintenance activities in the federal harbor and as associated with the operations and maintenance of the Indiana Harbor CDF.


$2,700,000 – Indiana Shoreline

Funding will be provided to the USACE to assist with the shoreline restoration within the Indiana Dunes National Park and protect this incredible economic asset and environmental resource for Northwest Indiana from erosion.


$500,000 – Gary Police Department – Technology Upgrades

This funding will assist the Gary Police Department to obtain additional laptops and mobile data terminals, to ensure each officer possesses an individual unit, and automatic license plate readers that will assist officers in their ability to protect the community.


$2,000,000 – Gary/Chicago International Airport – Equipment Acquisition

This funding will provide for the acquisition of up to four snow removal and/or emergency services vehicles, which will support more reliable and efficient responses to snow removal and preparation for unforeseen events.  The new equipment will also reduce the Airport’s annual maintenance expenses that are incurred from maintaining old equipment.


$682,000 – Marquette Greenway Trail

Funding allocated will support Gary’s efforts to address the gap in the Marquette Greenway Trail, from Bridge Street east to the Gary/Hammond municipal border. Work to complete this trail segment will provide a safer and more equitable non-motorized transportation network, and also provide more opportunities for recreation, fitness, and connectivity to regional parks and natural areas.


$225,000 – University of St. Francis, Crown Point Campus – Instructional Lab Upgrades

Funding for this project will support the purchase and acquisition of lab equipment and supplies for the new Nursing Simulation Lab and Ultrasound Lab facility. The Crown Point Campus provides residents an opportunity to earn a degree in a field with high job prospects and salary, and this equipment supports efforts to create a strong pool of trained medical technologists to serve the region’s health needs.


$1,200,000 – Ivy Tech Community College, Lake County Campus – To the Finish Line Initiative

The Lake County Campus of Ivy Tech Community College’s To the Finish Line Initiative is a comprehensive academic and holistic student support model designed to increase the number of students who achieve a credential to secure employment in high-demand job industries.

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