Comcast Brings Fiber to Hammond’s Digital Crossroad Data Center

Comcast Brings Fiber to Hammond’s Digital Crossroad Data Center

Comcast Business announced it has connected its high-speed Ethernet fiber network to Digital Crossroad, a recently commissioned data center campus in the Chicagoland market. Comcast’s advanced network supports Digital Crossroad’s high-capacity infrastructure, which is engineered to accommodate enterprise and hyperscale customers.

The Comcast Business fiber network provides hundreds of businesses in the region the opportunity to colocate their data in an innovative data center and access fast, high-bandwidth connections to their most important assets. Comcast Business’ 100Gbps circuit capacity allows data sharing to bypass multiple stops and connect point-to-point with the Digital Crossroad data center.

Comcast has solidified their partnership with Digital Crossroad by defining their presence in the company’s Meet-Me-Room (MMR). Comcast’s investment will enable 40 additional 100GB circuits on top of the ten 100GB circuits already in place.

“Our mandate at Digital Crossroad is to provide the fastest, most reliable and efficient data center infrastructure for enterprise, cloud and colocation clients,” said Thomas P. Dakich, Managing Member of Digital Crossroad. “Comcast Business not only provides a high-performance connectivity option but helps ensure our infrastructure is scalable and reliable.”

Now, more than ever, customers are looking to data centers to run their digital operations in scalable, secure and sustainable facilities that have ample connectivity options and diverse pathways to key interconnection partners.

“Data centers like Digital Crossroad are playing an increasingly critical role in corporate IT strategies, whether serving as an off-site back-up location or as a host for a variety of business applications,” said Jeff Cobb, Regional Vice President of Comcast Business. “Comcast is proud to invest in Digital Crossroad’s transformative critical infrastructure, which provides our Ethernet customers in Northwest Indiana and around the U.S. with more options for colocation services.”

The reliability, flexibility and scalability of Comcast’s Ethernet gives Digital Crossroad’s clients optimal connectivity to meet their business continuity needs. Ethernet is the technology used for interconnecting individual users, servers and most networking devices on local area networks. It can help businesses connect multiple locations to data centers more cost effectively. Comcast Business’ Ethernet simplifies and more efficiently enables businesses to scale their application and storage requirements in line with changing business conditions.

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