Cline Avenue Bridge Overlay Project Complete

Cline Avenue Bridge Overlay Project Complete

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC, owned and operated by United Bridge Partners, announces the successful completion of their bridge deck overlay project and the end of its related weekend closures. Drivers have the assurance that they can rely on the Cline Avenue Bridge as the most direct route between Chicago and Lake County, IN and the solution to rising traffic congestion.

The protective bridge deck overlay project began in July of this year and involved a series of weekend closures to perform the work. The overlay weatherproofs the bridge deck and prevents water and ice-melting chemicals from penetrating and damaging the bridge surface. The upgraded bridge deck ensures maximum service life and an provides ultra-smooth surface for a premium riding experience.

“As a private asset, we are able to focus 100% of our attention and resources on the safety and reliability of our 1.7-mile stretch of roadway,” said Terry Velligan, general manager of operations at Cline Avenue Bridge. “We would like to thank the traveling public for their understanding while we worked to ensure that the Gateway of Lake County will serve them well into the future. We invite drivers to experience for themselves the quality and convenience that the newly enhanced Cline Avenue Bridge offers.”

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC is owned by United Bridge Partners (UBP), a private infrastructure company that finances, designs, builds, owns, and operates private toll bridges across the United States, meeting the needs of under-funded state and municipal governments to replace failing bridge infrastructure. UBP is funded by a $1 billion capital commitment from the New American Bridges Fund, an affiliate of American Infrastructure Funds, and uses no local, state, or federal financing to accomplish private bridge projects. T

The Cine Avenue Bridge reconnects SR 912 to Interstate 90 and serves as “The Gateway of Lake County.”


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