NWI Choice Scholar Campaign Launched by Catholic Diocese of Gary and Big Shoulders Fund

NWI Choice Scholar Campaign Launched by Catholic Diocese of Gary and Big Shoulders Fund

Big Shoulders Fund Northwest Indiana and the Catholic Diocese of Gary announced the launch of the Northwest Indiana (NWI) Choice Scholar campaign. The campaign aims to increase awareness about the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program and encourage families to consider additional education options for their children, including Catholic school education, now that many of the financial barriers have been removed.

“Catholic schools provide an outstanding foundation for faith and educational excellence,” said Bishop Robert J. McClory. “An education through a Catholic school provides a holistic approach to education, providing social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and cultural development in addition to academics to help grow children into well-rounded, productive individuals that go on to better their communities.”

The Indiana Choice Scholarship Program makes pursuing a high-quality academic education more affordable and accessible than ever before. Through this program, families have the opportunity to choose a school that best fits their individual needs.

“The expanded Indiana Choice Scholarship Program raises the income limit families must fall under to qualify, making this program accessible for the majority of Indiana families,” said Dan Kozlowski, Managing Director of Big Shoulders Fund Northwest Indiana. “Under the expanded program, more than three quarters of Indiana families are now eligible for the scholarship, allowing them to find a school that best fits the needs of their children, including schools within the Catholic Diocese of Gary.”

Under the expanded Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, nearly 80% of Indiana families can qualify for scholarships that cover up to 90% of a student’s tuition. The expansion raised the income limit for qualifying families, and a family of four earning up to $147,0752 can now apply to receive state-funded aid to attend the K-12 school of their choice. Funded by taxpayer dollars, the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program allows families to use their own tax dollars to send their children to the public or private school of their choice. In most cases, the Indiana Choice Scholarship covers 100% of the tuition at a Catholic elementary school and roughly 75% of the tuition at a Catholic high school in the Catholic Diocese of Gary.

“We believe strongly in the value a Catholic school education can provide to students from a diverse array of backgrounds, and we welcome all students and families, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race or socioeconomic status,” said Dr. Joseph Majchrowicz, Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Gary. “Catholic schools have a long history of producing students with strong civic values that go on to be positive, productive citizens.”

“The expansion of the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program provides a significant opportunity to Indiana families, and we hope many are able to use the scholarship to provide their children with an academic experience that places their students on a pathway that yields a lifetime of success,” he added.

For more information on the expanded Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, and to see if and how much you may qualify for, families can visit NWIChoiceScholar.org to complete a questionnaire and find a participating Choice school to begin the application process.

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