Brownsburg Details $100M Project

Brownsburg Details $100M Project

In what is described as an “exciting signature project,” Garmong Development has launched the development of “The Commerce Park at Brownsburg Raceway,” anticipating more than $100 million in new economic development and capital investments to occur within the development, according to Dan Zuerner, Vice President of Garmong.

The 47-acre project, located adjacent to both the Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park and the Ronald Reagan Parkway, is “virtually shovel ready” and enjoys the enthusiastic formal support of the Brownsburg Town Council, said Deb Cook, Town Manager of the Town of Brownsburg.

“The time is right to build this,” she continued, noting that the project reflects and supports the town’s formal comprehensive and economic development plans. “This powerfully advances Brownsburg’s high-profile commitment to growing and supporting the autosports industry and will help attract new companies.

She added that the project is expected to “bring both new autosports companies focused on R&D in the industry and autosports manufacturing companies.”

“With racing at the heart of the Brownsburg community, this development demonstrates our commitment to growing the motorsports industry,” said Town Council President Travis Tschaenn. “We recognize that the motor racing community has been a driving force to our growth for many years, and this public-private partnership will establish Brownsburg as the capital for motorsports innovation for many years to come.”

The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA), the world’s largest auto racing organization which owns and operates the Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park, has committed to moving the raceway’s main entrance to the west side of the park as part of the Garmong project.

“We’re extremely excited about this project and its new ‘front door’ for the raceway,” said Kasey Coler, Vice President of NHRA Track Management and Operations. “This project has been under consideration for years, but with the completion of the Ronald Reagan Parkway and the major investment of Garmong, this project has become reality under Deb Cook’s leadership.”

The new raceway park entrance is already designed and will soon be under construction. “This new ‘front door’ will provide easier access into the raceway park, but equally important is that the new entrance is expected to provide a higher degree of safety,” said Cook. The new boulevard is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, according to Zuerner.

“We are thrilled by the expansion of an already robust motorsports industry portfolio in Indiana with this collaborative project,” said Rollie Helmling, Senior Advisor, Motorsports for the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). “We look forward to supporting the town of Brownsburg, the NHRA, and Garmong in collaboratively advancing significant job creation and investment opportunities for the region and the state.”

The Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park currently attracts more than half a million race fans and visitors to the region each year. The raceway is home to more than 140 event-days annually and features a diverse set of races, including the “World’s Biggest Drag Race.” the Dodge Power Brokers U.S. Nationals, and the return of the NASCAR Truck Series TSport 200 in July.

“As we go into the next phase of development for our NHRA facilities, this project for Brownsburg fits well into our future plans,” said Coler. “This is a great public-private partnership opportunity for the town of Brownsburg and Garmong, and we’re very excited about new prospects for the region.”

“For nearly 100 years Garmong has been growing Indiana,” said David Hannum, Chairman and CEO of Garmong. “Valuable partnerships serving the public and creating world-class attractions are where I see Garmong adding value for another 100 years – this collaboration is truly teamwork at the most rewarding level.”

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